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Low on Short Chain Fatty Acids in GI Test

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  • Low on Short Chain Fatty Acids in GI Test

    I had a GI profile test done and most of my good bacteria was in a good range, but my SCFA levels were very low except for Acetate, which was very high. What does this all mean? Anyone experience this and how to improve my results?

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    Snapshot reading? Maybe it changes all day long and you just caught your tummy with its pants down.
    Crohn's, doing SCD


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      Total SCFA= 63 (which is low on the graph, could be higher)
      n-butyrate= Low 3.3%
      Acetate= High 81%
      Butyrate= Low 5%
      Propionate= 13% (low on the scale but within range)
      Valerate= 1.2% (low on scale but within range)

      By the way, this is a Metametrix GI profile, which is an excellent test at measuring bacteria etc. It has been helpful in helping me balance my gut and find the specific things that need tweeking.