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Loosing too much weight

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  • Loosing too much weight

    I'm very new to primal/paleo, I literally stumbled across Primal Blueprint last weekend and was hooked, so it's been 7 days and I'm after a little bit of advice.
    Last weekend I weight 110lbs and I was genuinely surprised to see the scales read 104lbs this morning after 1 week.
    My diet/exercise pre-grok was typical of a uk stay at home mum, something along the lines of cereal or toast and coffee for breakfast, cup of tea with sugar and a couple of biscuits, cheese & tomato sarnie, more cups of tea loaded with sugar to see me through until dinner then something like spaghetti Bolognese. Exercise consisted of housework, school runs (in the car) and entertaining my 2 year old.
    Regardless of what I've eaten in the past, I'm generally always on the move (but nothing that you could call proper exercise), I've always been very good at portion control and knowing when I'm full, and I've always had very regular daily bowel movements, all of which I think have contributed to me staying the same weight for most of my life.
    For the last 7 days I've tried to eat using Mark's advice but haven't completely cut out dairy. An example of a food day, B - scrambled egg with some avocado and blueberries with a latte, Snack - mixed nuts & apple, L - homemade vege curry with coconut milk, Snack - apple & small square of dark choc with a spoon of hazelnut butter, D - generally meat and veg.
    I'm now a bit worried about the weight loss and wonder if other people have this issue and what advice you can give me? I'm wondering if I need to excersize to increase muscle to add weight??? I haven't done any proper grok style exercise yet because I wanted to get used the drastic diet change first (I had the shakes and was lethargic at the start of the week) but I am feeling better now. I don't really want to start calorie counting but don't want to turn to skin and bones.

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    It probably is just water. When you cut grains you often loose a lot of water weight in the first couple of days. Remember to salt you food, with the water salt and minerals get flushed out.
    If the loosing proceeds after a week or 3, just count calories for a week or so to check how much you are eating. You don't have to continue counting, just to get a better picture of how much you are eating and the fat/protein/carb ratio


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      I'm sorry, I can't help it.

      It's *LOSING*


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        Gosh, I wish I had your problem. Want to trade? I'm gaining a couple pounds a month here!

        Seriously though, if your body is healthy and you're content after meals, then let your body do what it needs to. Start weight training and put some muscle on. If you're really concerned, see a doctor.
        --Trish (Bork)


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          it probably is water weight plus a little weight loss, but if it keeps continuing, eat more.

          i lost a fair bit in ym first two weeks -- both water and fat -- and pretty much have stayed the same since then.


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            Hi there, yes that does seem quite a bit to lose when you were already small.

            Your food sounds delicious and I can see how it would be satisfying. It's got to be better for you than what you were eating before. I wonder if you can add a creamy dessert or supper such as primal cheesecake, coconut jelly, hot chocolate drink etc.

            Cream in your latte. Maybe a creamy cheese sauce on your veges? You could probably also afford to add an extra potato or sweet potato at dinner. Include a banana for a snack.

            Adding some exercise is a good idea as long as you also add more food. It will help you build muscle and should also increase your appetite.

            Good luck. I hope you feel well and strong on this way of eating.
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              Thank you for the replies, I didn't know about water loss so hopefully it's that and the weight loss will slow down. I'll keep you posted.

              Thanks you Annieh, I'm going to look at making some creamy puddings like you suggest as I think I need the calorie boost.


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                Where is devil when you need him? I would trade soul immediately for experiencing something like this even once in my life....
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