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Rice makes me feel weird?

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  • Rice makes me feel weird?

    I have been primal for a bit now, 80/20. Found out that I can't tolerate wheat at all and it's what's been causing my rashes for 10+ years. I have been having potatoes for starchy carbs since I've been working out more and more and have no trouble with them. Last night I had rice and when I woke up this morning I felt really anxious, jumping from thought to thought etc. Anyone else experience this with rice? I had Jasmine Rice.

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    Food is not the only thing capable of distorting our equilibrium. I am extremely weather sensitive, mold allergic, fragrance abhorrent, can't stand diesel fumes, react to dust, have a skin condition that is worsened by sunlight and wind, etc. etc. OTOH, I love rice and it hates me. If I haven't had any for a week or more, I can eat it once w/o real problems. But when I had a large family to feed, I'd steam a big pot, enough for 2 or 3 meals, and use it for 3 days. I admit I'm slow, but when , by the 3rd day, I'd eat my rice and immediately get very cold and have to huddle under the covers, even I saw the pattern after a few times. And since I found out that rice contains excessive arsenic levels, due to being raised where arsenic fertilizers were used to raise prior cotton crops, rice is only used here in condiment quantities occasionally now. So yes, maybe you were having rice reaction, or maybe an arsenic reaction. Our bodies react poorly to being poisoned.


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      I agree with Paysan. It may not be down to rice at all, so check, but some of us will respond to it.
      Try having it again on a good day, with a different recipe and seeing if it affects you that way again.

      Most grains are becoming "instant food turn-offs" for me. Rice included. Don't think I've ever isolated it, but had it a few times with other things and I didn't exactly feel amazing the next day.
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