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    Hi All,

    I started primal eating on Sunday, eating about 50-70g carbs a day as opposed to 150g before. Since then I've been having terrible headache and cramps in the legs, feeling tired , thirty and hungry ALL THE TIME. Although I've been thinking it's a combination of low carbs and PMS. It's driving me nuts since I've been eating lots and not exercising. :-(

    Today for example, I must've consumed 4000kcal, if not more from meat, cheese, oil and hazelnut butter.

    I can't take whole milk/ cream/ butter/ egg white due to milk fat and egg white intolerance. For supplement, I'm taking magnesium, potassium, selenium, omega 3 and CoQ10.

    I used to be able to train 12-14 hours week for triathlon and the past few weeks has been a struggle with even 5/6 hours week.

    Is there anything missing or is it normal in the transition? All the eating is making me quite uncomfortable. Your help would be much appreciated! Thanks.


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    Eat more carbs.


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      Hu, sounds very very strange.
      4000 kcal is a lot for someone who's not active.
      Especially for a woman.

      It can happen at the beginning of lowering your carbs intake or especially when you change your food sources.

      Though, it sounds very extreme, and it could have something to do with your hormones.
      Since you weren't that high in carbs to begin with, I don't think going from 150g to 70g would make such a big difference, again I could be wrong.
      I have hypopituitarism and so I have many hormonal imbalances (that are on their way to be treated correctly), and I suffer from elevated E2 (and circadian rhythm/cortisol secretion problems), and I'm hungry all the time when it gets worse. Like a bottomless pit, doesn't matter how much kcal I eat, I could easily eat 10 000 kcal in a day (in the forms of fats because carbs would be too much volume) and I'd still go to bed with a hole in my stomach.
      It has nothing to do with your "true" need for food unfortunately.
      Also, hormonal problems are a big cause of fatigue and many many painful symptoms.
      I know it sounds hard but try to limit your calories intake a bit. Not too much, but 4000 kcal, I'm pretty sure you'll gain weight quickly and you'll regret it unfortunately...

      Maybe you should check that.
      Young self-caring Paleo-eater from France.
      (So please forgive the strange way I tend to express myself in your beautiful language )


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        Hi Daydreamer,

        I'm aware of the high calories and declining exercise level. You might be right about hormones so I can only hope the whole hungry drama will pass soon. Just wondering if I should be eating more fat??



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          If you're eating meat,cheese, oil and nut butter, I would say you're getting plenty of fat. It sounds to me that your hormones may be taking over at this point. I would wait it out a week or so and see if anything changes. 4000 cal. Is a lot. Although you may seem hungry all the time, I would try to reign that in quite a bit.


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            Carb flu can be a female member of the species canis familiaris. Take this weekend to relax and regroup. Get some sunshine, drink some tea, keep yourself happy by eating primal comfort foods. Sleep in.

            You will get through it. And things are a lot better on the other side.
            "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."-Winston Churchill

            "Keep Calm and Carry On"-British Wartime Poster

            "Don't Panic"


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              Phinney and Volek reported adding sodium in the form of broth (1-2 cubes/day if you do the commercial stuff) makes an enormous difference in the human trials they have done or seen reported. It has to do with the different handling of sodium by the body when in low carb, and especially ketosis. I have noticed this personally - I'll add some broth or just generally salt my food more and I feel much better.