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Keeping insulin response "tuned" with a couple high-carb meals per week

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  • Keeping insulin response "tuned" with a couple high-carb meals per week

    I read somewhere (one of the Primal/Paleo websites) about someone eating 2 "high-carb" meals per week to keep his insulin response "tuned." I think it was the person who runs the PANU website. Does anybody here do that as well, in keeping with the 80/20 rule? I was wondering if that would be a good idea, or would just keep the body craving carbs. For those of you who do this, what do you consider to be a high-carb meal? Is that one that includes plenty of protein and fat as well as carbs, or mostly just the carbs without a lot of protein and/or fat?
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    I'll throw in a cup of yams once a week and an extra 2 servings of fruit once a week as well to simulate a more hunter-gatherer-like setting.

    As I understand it, when the body is used to burning fat it will naturally down-regulate insulin receptors because it's in the fat groove and nice and dandy. but the second you re-introduce insulin-spikes it up-regulates again in anticipation of a different source of energy. Makes sense but when I want to know is there any practical reason to do this? In other words, is long-term down-regulation pathological or will the body regain its sensivity after years of very low carb once it begins to see more glucose again?
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      Yes I'm interested in this question, particularly in relation to weight loss. Does your system get used to low carbs?
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        The body is really flexible and can get used to low carb.

        You know what they say that the last pounds are the hardest?.. Thatīs because the body getīs used to the new life style. So when you reduce your calories your metabolism slows and your body holds on to body fat . This was fine when we were cavemen and women and we didn't know when our next meal would come but this is not so great when your objective is to lose weight.

        Thatīs why some of us Cheat day, others use it well into their new lifestyle (one month, 2 months).

        Let me get some research on the matter, will post it later.


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          I have an old book called The Anabolic Diet, by Mauro DiPasquale. The basic premise was to go VLC and high fat during the week as you worked out, then carb load on the weekend. The insulin surge was supposed to increase growth hormone because the surge was seen as a threat. I could read up on it a bit more if you want. I did the program years ago, and had pretty good results, but there were some downsides.


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            Originally posted by Allbeef Patty View Post
            ...but there were some downsides.
            Care to elaborate?


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              My wife says that I was nasty. There was some bloating and sluggishness... carb roller coaster type stuff.

              On the plus side, the Monday pump was intense after working out.

              If I ever get to the point of wanting to build more muscle, I may try this with Primal foods. Carb load on fruits and veggies.


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                Keep in mind that I was basically eating hot dogs and other crap like that during the week, then going to McDonald's for Big Macs (I am, after all, Allbeef Patty) and chocolate shakes, or whole pizzas on the weekend.


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                  The same thing happens to me Allbeef, after a cheat day (all though I do a IF afterwards) I tend to have more energy while I work out.


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                    I ate lunch with my boyfriend (he eats subway) just because I haven't in forever and I had a sub. I have been starving all day after that.. what in the world happened?


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                      I had a similar experience when I had spaghetti for the first time in months. I was just as hungry afterwards as I had been before.
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                        I like the avatar. Are you a fan of Tool or Alex Grey (or both!)?


                        Yeah that would be interesting to try in a Primal context. I already have my own carb-refeeding more-or-less built in to my diet, but if I'm ever looking for a change I might give that a try and see how it goes!


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                          I did Lyle Mcdonald's Rapid Fat Loss (no carbs/fat, just protein) last year for a short time and he has very tight protocols to follow re: carb refeeding. It was VERY effective in fat loss. I don't understand the mechanics of it, but a low fat/high carb refeed can somehow reset leptin levels (which are lowered by dieting) to allow for greater fat loss following. I think it would work with fat added in to the picture too, but with more possible fat gain. Leptin is a very interesting hormone; off to learn more about it!


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                            I thought I remembered reading something in "The Primal Blueprint" about having occasional high carb days, but it was just a one-liner. I think Mark said in the book that the website might have more info about the topic, but I haven't really seen his opinion expressed anywhere. Maybe this could be the topic for an upcoming "Dear Mark" post.


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                              i think the key is to keep it primal on refeeds, keep protein only whats necessary and have the rest carbs while keepingfat low....

                              but i mean...

                              who wants to deal with the puffy face belly bloat? carb hangover? body swell, mental stress....and it is very debatable whether it works

                              does anyone who actually does this have some results or some examples?
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