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    I'll preface this by saying I realize it's all really individual and will be different for everyone, that said, any feedback on what I'm eating would help - I'm new and feeling confused... paleo, primal, whole30... arg!

    I like this site alot, and the articles by Mark on the blog and so I'm going with the high fat low carb primal approach. Low carb because after trying it for the first time in the past month I'm amazed at the improvement in my mood. Much MUCH more steady (I was eating 80-10-10 raw high fruit during spring/summer but I was a mess, moody and bursting into tears and eating 2lb tubs of medjool dates in one sitting).

    I love fatty stuff. But damn if I'm not eating A TON of it. It's only been 1 1/2 weeks so I have no clue how my body is truly responding (I'm talking fat loss which is one thing I'm after. The fruit experiment caused me to gain 10lbs on top of the 15lbs of fat I had put on in the months prior just from stress, lack of sleep and poor diet).

    Black coffee with 2T coconut cream
    2T coconut butter

    3 hard boiled eggs, only 2 yolks because my kid ate one of them
    3T coconut butter
    1/2 cup broccoli
    1/2 kiwifruit

    400g ground beef with red curry paste and 3T coconut cream
    1 cup spinach
    5 cups mixed lettuce greens
    1/5 cup raisins

    After dinner (bad evening snacking habit)
    4T peanut butter with cinnamon, ginger, stevia

    One of those online food journals gave me

    2420 Calories 185g fat 122g protein 78g carbs (inclds fiber 23g)

    I'm 5'10 female, still nursing 2x a day my older toddler. I don't exercise at all except functional (walk everywhere for errands/groceries, carrying 40lb kid, playing outside sometimes I just sit on my butt)

    That's a pretty average day. I'm usually around 2500 calories and keeping the carbs around 50. I'm curious about ketosis and want to shift my metabolism to be fat burning and I like being able to go for hours and hours without eating, when I ate high carb I was pretty much ALWAYS eating.

    Yesterday I had a bit of an evening overeating episode and ended up at 3100 calories for the day, 268g fat and 154g protein.... yikes?! Seems very excessive to me. It was a cup of raw almonds and nearly an entire 90% cacao Lindt bar after dinner that put me up at those numbers.

    Obviously I should not eat like that every day!

    Thanks -

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    It looks pretty perfect to me. You are tall (so jealous)and breast feeding so your caloric intake looks great. I'd cut out the PB though...replace with almond butter or something else maybe? Peanuts are considered a legume and not strictly primal.
    F 28/5'4/100 lbs

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      Diet looks good to me. To add to Damiana's suggestion - I like sunbutter, from sunflower seeds, although I have yet to find any without added sugar (although I haven't been looking that hard).
      Highest weight: 220
      Starting weight: 195
      Current weight: 179
      Goal weight: 127


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        Right, stop the peanut butter. I'm in between employment and money's tight and it was sitting there in the fridge

        Lucky for me I actually prefer other nut butters, homemade...

        Thanks. I haven't tried sunbutter yet.