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  • Primal in College?

    I'm a senior in high school and I just got accepted into college, thankfully.
    I'm 5'8", male, 128 lbs and I do exercise every day.
    However, I'm really worried about staying Paleo in college. Here's the thing- I'm not looking at something like eating Chipotle every other day, or eating from the cafeteria because I really get paranoid about other people preparing my foods. The exception is salads.
    Is there anyone in college who's staying Paleo in college? Does anyone have any advice?

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    Hey, I'm in college, but my situation is pretty unique. I go tuition-free (yay good grades in high school!) to a mostly commuter school in my hometown, live in an apartment with my boyfriend, and have an artificially large food budget because my parents pay the rent.

    A couple years ago, though, I went away to college, lived in a dorm, and had a total health meltdown. I wasn't anywhere near primal back then, but the food in the dining halls was nasty. Are you required to buy a meal plan? If not, don't buy one--I think you're right to be grossed out by other people preparing your food, especially since they're probably cooking in cheap GMO oils with the lowest quality ingredients.

    Have you sussed out your grocery shopping situation? Locate the local health food stores, see what you can find online about farm markets and such in the area... I could see it being tricky to stay healthy in a dorm, given the lack of a kitchen and the fact that you usually aren't allowed to have things like hot plates, coffee makers, any fire hazards. But the dorm I lived in had a kitchen in the basement. People mostly used it to do things like make brownies when they were drunk, though.

    If you're facing a situation where you have to live in a dorm and have to buy a meal plan, yeah, it'll be impossible to stay primal. It's still early, though. You'll have to do some thinking about what's more important to you, attending this college, or sticking with your eating plan. I thought that getting away from home was what I wanted, that I'd love the big city and flourish and grow and all the things you're supposed to do in college... but I ended up back at home, going to school in my podunk hometown, but I'm much happier! Do some thinking about why you're going to college; too many kids just go because it's what you're supposed to do, and they're the ones who will get caught up in really negative health habits. You'll face peer pressure wherever you go, and most of the people you meet won't understand why you're so committed to primal eating, but learning to stand up for what you believe is part of growing up.

    I wish you the best, and I hope college is a good experience for you!