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Primal diet after orthopedic surgery?

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  • Primal diet after orthopedic surgery?

    Hi all,

    I had my 3rd attempt at a surgery to fuse the calcaneo-cuboid joint in my foot. The goal is to stimulate bone healing and generation so that the calcaneum and cuboid become one bone. The last two surgeries brought partial fusion, but ultimately not enough.

    I've been trying to see how to optimize my primal diet to get the desired fusion. I think it's pretty clear I should eat a lot of leafy greens (high in calcium) and take Vitamin D (and get more sun exposure).

    The wild card is protein. There are some studies out there that suggest that animal protein consumption is inversely correlated with bone density. For example, I saw a chart that showed hip fracture rates and animal protein consumption across 15 countries. The correlation was astonishingly high.

    The attached link reviews several studies and is able to place some doubt on the "meat is bad for bone healing" hypothesis. Still, I wonder if I should make some tweaks to my diet over the next couple of months -- such as substituting out some grass-fed meat meals in favor of wild fish.

    The truth about bone density and animal protein- fighting vegan/vegetarian disinformation.. | I on the world’s Weblog

    Does anyone out there have a better perspective on how I should be eating?

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    Try cooking with lots of home-made stock/bone broth and eating foods rich in gelatine. My middle daughter (who has very low bone density, sadly) was told to do this by a regular hospital consultant, and it's been helping (certainly helped to heal a broken wrist in 4 weeks instead of the 6 we were told). It certainly shouldn't hurt you, and will taste good too!