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Any other PB members from France?

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  • Any other PB members from France?


    I am a new member from France. I have discovered by chance MDA on the web some months ago and read as much as I can. Being convinced my Mark's arguments, I am happily switching from a South Beach approach to PB. For 15 days I have stopped all direct carbohydrate ingestion (only from vegetables and fruits). Leaving the bread behind me was the most difficult (especially, tasty organic whole bread). More generally, I have some difficulty to be organic in a systematic way, especially for the meat, but also for the vegetables, but I try to get as close as I can, avoiding anything grown in Spain for example and buying local. Availability and costs are the culprit of course.

    I have also some difficulty to find good quality supplements in France (multi-vitamin and fish oil): I have to choose between good quality/very expensive, and reasonable priced/toy ones.

    If you are from France, how do you handle these availability and cost problems. Do you have any opinion on the compatibility between PB and the French way of life (I find them very nicely compatible, on my side)?

    Bien à vous,

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    No, but I wish I was!

    Very acutely aware at this time of the American health "care" model. My left knee which has given me no trouble for five or more years is suddenly in disaster mode.

    No health insurance, no job with it, no money to pay $4000 for an MRI.

    Count your blessings. I'm sure you do.

    BTW, what's with the comment about food from Spain? Please enlighten us New Worlders.


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      Hi OnTheBayou,

      I am very conscious about the health care problems in US and I really hope that the Obama administration will ameliorate it. But this will not solve your problems, since it will take some time in the most optimistic case... So, I hope that you will be able to recover without an operation (which would be very costly I am afraid)... In France we have more favorable conditions, even if the public hospital is under attack by the actual government and its reforms. My friends who work in the public hospitals are desperate because a correctly functioning health system is just going boing boing...

      Concerning the food from Spain, I observe that the French market (probably also in other countries)is totally occupied by vegetables and fruits from Spain and what I have read about the Spanish agriculture lets me quite skeptical about the health and environmental quality of this food (consumption of huge amounts of water, fertilizers and insecticides). As a consequence, you can eat strawberries in the middle of the Winter (all from Spain of course); they must be very "natural" I presume...

      On my side, when I cannot pay local organic, I at least buy local production and vegetables of the season, to try to follow the main idea of PB, under my budget constraint.

      I hope you a swift recovery,



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        Salut, I have been following a PB style for a couple of years. Organic produce is inded very expensive but more and more available. I belong to an AMAP and get a weekly orgnanic veggie box. Otherwise i buy loacl produce from the market. I live on the Medterranean so already we here are in the habit of eating lots of fresh veggies, olive oil, fresh fish, fresh fruit etc... Bread is also the biggest thing i miss as I used to make my own full of grains. Supplements are a big expense and as I was in Boston for work last week I stocked up massively on them.

        we are indeed lucky with our health system at the moment. I have ust had a thyrod op^and was well cared for and 100% covered by the state. OTB I do try and count those blessings


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          Hi Jedi,

          Nice to hear you. I also belong to a AMAP in the city where my family lives but the quantity ofvegetables you get from them is not enough feed a family of four during the whole week (by the way, we have also eggs, pork, lamb, fish and whole bread -not for me any more!- in our AMAP).

          Moreover, I spend half of the week in Marseille where I work, and I have more difficulty to find organic food there. I have tried some Bio shops that I have located in the Yellow pages but they are very limited and very expensive... In which city are you? If you now any good address in Marseille, I would be happy to hear them (this is only my first year in this city, so I have a lot to discover yet).

          Bien à toi,



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            Hi Murat, I am just down the road from you, in Nice The best/cheapest bio shops here are the BIOCOOP and I have one just ten minutes walk from me. Don't know if they exist in Marseille. Our Amap doesn't do meat but does great sheep cheeses




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              Bienvenue, murat. I am an American who lived in France and I frequently make trips back there to visit my husband's family. I find that it is both harder and easier to follow the PB in France than in other countries -- harder because self-imposed dietary restrictions in general are met with social resistance, easier because French cuisine emphasizes fresh, healthy food.

              From an American perspective, the fish, meat, fruits and veggies in France have the appearance and taste of being much healthier and fresher, and I actually worry less about eating organic-only foods while in France. But, that is just my perspective.

              In my opinion, the only incompatibility between the PB and the French way of life is the bread and the cheese ;-) I do not think I could resist baguettes, pain de mie, tomme, and beaufort if I still lived there.


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                Chère MadameP,

                Yes, bread is doubly difficult for me, since I am Turkish by origin and used to eat bread in breakfast (with white cheese, tomatoes, green peppers, egg and, of course, Turkish tea, black and hot, all PB except bread :-( ). Bread is also important in France and my family loves organic whole bread (my wife is French).

                Well, I am learning to appreciate cheese without bread and it is a nice taste, even Roquefort and good ol' Camembert. :-)


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                  Hello there!
                  I'm from France too, but in the northeast (Alsace).
                  I shop a lot @ Grand Frais, because they have a very wide choice of meat / fish / veggies at affordabble prices (and usually locally grown), and since we're a family of two, budget is ok.
                  My husband is not 100% primal, he just can't quit bread (I bake it @ home) and sugar, but he's fine with more meat and veggies and eggs...