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Fat + Carb Binge on day 5! Please help

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  • Fat + Carb Binge on day 5! Please help

    After 4.5 very successful days of 95% PB adherence (including AMAZING exercise) I broke down after a wonderful primal dinner and ate far, far too many almonds, pecans, pistachios, raisins, dates (so so so very sweet and calorific), several fruits and finally, way too many chocolate covered almonds. I have a history of bingeing so it wasn't a complete anomaly, but I am rather disappointed.

    I tried my best to log my overeating (fitday) to keep me accountable and have come up with a rough tally of 3,500 calories, 205 grams of fat, 309 (!!!) grams of carbs and 149 grams of protein.

    I am a tall, muscular and fairly in shape female of 5'8" and 145lbs and this is well over my energy needs, as I am so very aware. I could stand to lose a good bit of fat so this is definitely working against my goals of leanness.

    This happened several hours ago and I felt VERY hot and bloated afterwards, yet still desired more sugar, more carbs; what a surprise! I am proud, though, that I didn't go on to eat the breads, cookies, cereal and other foods that I soooo wanted after. No grains in this binge; pseudo victory #1?

    So, how do I recover? I feel very bad right now. My stomach is NOT happy and although I feel like I have TONS of energy, i'm too uncomfortable to start exercising any of it off.

    I'm not sure what the purpose of this post is. Has anyone else had this experience during their PB transition? I used to eat TONS of carbs (and could remain pretty lean; but with tons of well implemented exercise) but I really believe that the PB lifestyle is for me.

    What led to this binge? Perhaps undereating for days prior - I was averaging 1200-1600 calories with some intense exercise and I know that I used to maintain on 2300-2500 on SAD. But PB eating is so filling! mm fat.

    Anyways, i'm rambling now. Any help or insight on how to get back on track (i'm such a black or white thinker sometimes) and how to make PB work for me would be really appreciated right now. Not feeling so hot!

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    1. Forgive yourself, you are not a god or a robot and are prone to regrettable behavior like the rest of us.

    2. Slack off for the rest of the day. No exercise and I don't even suggest any sort of constructive activities like learning things or doing work. This is either play time or rest time.

    3. Tomorrow, pick yourself up and get back on the horse! Deliberation now will help you stick to your guns later.
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      Addendum: And perhaps plan to do that again when you go a week or more sticking to your guns. Grok occasionally came across a mound of fruit and enjoyed it while it lasted. It was a positive thing and a chance for a rest from bloody carnage. We have an 80:20 principle because for the paleolithic hunter-gatherer, there was routine but there was also deviation from it. And a little change-up every now and then is not a bad thing, especially if you plan it.
      Stabbing conventional wisdom in its face.

      Anyone who wants to talk nutrition should PM me!


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        I second Stabby - forgive yourself! You can get back on the plan tomorrow. There really are worse ways you could have strayed. Okay, so you're not feeling to great right now, but the memory of that will help you prevent/reduce a binge next time. It'll get easier that longer you live PB.


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          I third the sentiments--now you've learned that won't work, even though it wasn't grains.

          Don't sabotage yourself by beating yourself up; move on.


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            THANK YOU, Stabby and Squeaker. 3 hours post-pig out and my stomach has de-bloated significantly, almost as flat as this morning, so that's good news. However, I can tell my digestive system is working hard and I fear my bowels tomorrow (oops, that was un-girly of me to say!). I gave away the rest of my dates and raisins. The less temptation the better, for now.



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              and thanks Catalina punch buggy no punch back.


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                Another aside, is it possible my energy needs are lower when eating high fat? I'm not sure how I could eat the amount needed to maintain my weight according to CW, other than force-feeding, which obviously doesn't seem natural. Gotta find mah groove.


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                  A binge on nuts and fruit? Shocking! Scandalous! Think about how far you've come that this represents a binge. See the binge as a treat and eat properly tomorrow.

                  I also heartily agree with Stabby: a binge, especially on good stuff like fruit and nuts, is a fine and healthy thing to partake in once in a while. Give yourself permission to enjoy it and move on.
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                    Well it's the chocolate almonds that really did me in. They were SO much sweeter than I remember. Sickly sweet; but I kept eating them until they were gone for some reason.

                    Feel awful today. Stomach hates me and face is bloated. Skipped class my stomach was so upset.


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                      4.5 days is not very long and I imagine your system is still settling in to the new way of eating. It can take a week or two to switch from primarily burning carbs to burning fat so your body may just be adjusting.

                      Also, I find I need to wait half an hour after finishing a meal to feel full, so see if you can pause for half an hour before eating more. It might just be enough to stave off a binge.
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                        As my grandad would say "That'll learn ya"

                        And I've found that my calorie needs are lower on PB than they were on CW. Before starting PB I would've told you I needed 2200-2300 calories a day. Since PB I've found that my average "listening to my body" intake is closer to 1300-1500


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                          I did all sorts of things like that when I first started. You'll get the hang of it & no longer crave those things. Now when I mess up, it's a smaller & smaller thing because it just doesn't taste good/I know I'll pay for it later. I don't even like regular dark chocolate any more; I only like the 70%+ stuff. Sugar just isn't tasty.

                          Hang in there - the first month or so is tough, but you'll adjust.
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                            Thanks so much for the responses, everyone. Very, very helpful.

                            What's so weird right now is my mouth tastes like i'm in ketosis. When I had a million carbs last night? Makes no sense!