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  • Cortisol reversed despite

    Basically due to my new 8 week old baby my cortisol has gotten all out of whack. I'm up every two hours at night with her for feedings, so I've gotten to where I can't sleep well at night and then during the day I'm sluggish.

    Are there any supplements I should try to get it down at night and back up during the day?

    Should I try a leptin reset? Although it would be nearly impossible due to the fact that you're supposed to eat 4 hrs before bed, which is 8pm for me now lol. I can't eat dinner at 4pm.

    I would appreciate any suggestions.


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    You have an eight week old baby that wakes you up every two hours to eat. You are not sleeping well because the baby wakes you up, which is totally normal. I think the only cure for that is to do your best to get through it and know that eventually, baby will start sleeping for longer stretches at night. Nap during the day when your baby naps. That was the best way that I found to help with the tiredness during the day.

    I don't think there's any supplement that can help you with this situation, you just have to bear through it. Par for the course when you have a young baby.


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      I agree.....this is what happens when you have a new baby. Not much help for it. Also if you are breast feeding you need to be careful what supplements or perscriptions you take.

      Normally the best thing to calm down cortisol at night is to try to destress. Obviously having a brand new baby is VERY stressful both mind and bodywise. So until you can relax and get through the first rough weeks to months you may not be able to get your cortisol under control. Meanwhile things you can try are removing any caffeine (chocolate, coffee, tea) which is very stressfull on the adrenals, take a yoga class if you can, do not do any strenuous exercises. Try taking long slow walks and doing calming workouts like yoga or pilates. If your heart rate is going way up it is stressing your adrenals out. So weights and heavy lifting are usually ok but take it easy if possible. You should make sure you are getting enough Vit D, Magnesium, Vit C, snd B-Vits.

      When baby is finally on some sort of schedule and you are no longer breast feeding (if you are) then you can also try taking some well known adrenal supplements like Valarian root, Cordyceps, Ashwaganda, Relora, Adrenal glandulars, and Passion Fruit.
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        Oh you poor thing, I know how you feel. Having a new baby is stressful and not getting enough sleep is stressful, so cortisol levels rise and then there is more stress and still less sleep. With my children, particulalry my first, ny cortisol levels went through the roof and I stopped sleeping altogether. By the time he was 3 weeks old I presented at a Baby Clinic a shivering shaking mess and was diagnosed with Post Natal Depression. My anxiety was limitless at that time, I've never known anything like it.

        I'm not suggesting you have PND, but for me it was all about cortisol, stress and anxiety. I found it almost impossible to sleep when my baby slept and couldn't relax. Fortunately he starting sleeping 13 hours through the night from 5 weeks old and I think this saved my sanity. My second baby didn't do this, so with him I rested when I got the chance and did some daily meditation using CDs from the library. I ate as best as I could and took walks when I could (hard with a baby and a newborn).

        If I was to do it all again, I'd nourish my body to the best of my ability and lie down and rest/sleep as much as possible. If your cortisol levels feel as if they are elevating to the point that your life is difficult, see your GP. PND is insidious and in my excperience was nothing like depression but more of a sleep deprivation mixed with acute anxiety.

        Good luck with your sleeping, and congratulations!


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          Incorporating yoga and meditation is a good idea. Personally, I dislike yoga classes, I'd rather do yoga on my own without the pressure to keep up with the instructor or other students. It's easier on a tight schedule, too--anyone can find 15min at home, it's harder to find a couple hours to fit in a class at a gym or studio plus travel time.

          Have you tried melatonin? I'm not sure if it's recommended to take during breastfeeding, I know it's not recommended for daily use, just once in a while sleep troubles, but it will make you drowsy!

          I think the best bet is to check out herbal teas. There's a million different kinds out there with names like Sleepytime, Instant Calm, you name it and there's a tea marketed to cure it... Chamomile or mint tea might work, among others.