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    Originally posted by KathyH View Post
    Eating whole foods like grok did is extremist but popping pills is not?
    Popping pills???? LMAO!!! Christ on a crutch lady, you make it sound like I'm downing Oxycontin with a Vodka chaser.

    I just want to know about vitamins, ok? Yes, I feel that I need to take them. No, I don't think I get all the nutrients I need from my commercially grown veggies and grain fed meats that I eat because I can't always afford the best. I also have other physical issues that I am dealing with and I personally feel that yes, I benefit from taking a multivitamin and a supplement for my thyroid. You don't know my physical history, my daily life, my eating don't know anything about me. Please stop assuming that you know better for me than I do.