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  • Fitday revelation

    Just for fun I decided to plug in some numbers for a typical day of eating, since I cut dairy and have no more than one handful of almonds per week. I was very surprised by my results.

    I have between 1700-1800 calories with a 3-42-55% split between carbs, protein and fat, respectively. My calculated BMR is around 2800. I consume these calories over breakfast and dinner, and seldom, if ever, have three meals a day. The thing is, I feel nearly stuffed after each meal. I eat to my heart's content. I have more than enough energy for two weight lifting sessions and three Krav Maga sessions per week, and my job involves lots of walking and stair climbing.

    The reason I'm concerned is that if I read that someone had a daily deficit of 1000 calories, my gut reaction would be to think that was too much.

    Since giving up dairy, I've noticed my fat loss has started up again, although this week seems to be slower -- maybe it's a natural stall in the stall/whoosh cycle. And although recently some days my hands have been quite warm, I have always had cold hands -- a sign of some metabolic condition? I will have to pay closer attention to when they are warm and figure out what I do differently around those times.

    Anyway, I was surprised, especially at how few calories meat actually has.
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    PC, very interesting results. Thanks for sharing them. My experience is similar in that it feels like I'm eating to bursting, but I'm actually getting a lot fewer calories than before PB while my activity level and muscle mass has increased.

    I put it down to an increase in metabolic efficiency. When the body gets an optimal mix of micronutrients, proteins and fats, it can really stretch out the calorie budget like never before. The longer we stick to the PB, the more efficient our metabolism seems to become. Having warm hands when they're usually cold, to me, is a sign that you now have surplus dietary fat that's going straight to thermal energy (like Molecular Grokologist explained).

    In the end, the only metric I pay attention to is my energy level. How many pushups can I knock out? What kind of pull-ups can I do on the tree? If I'm pushing my records, then I must be getting the right nutrition, even if it seems like it mathematically couldn't be enough.


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      Yeah, I did the same thing. Before PB I would have told you I needed at least 2200 a day to feel satisfied (which is what my BMR turned out to be). Now I'd say I average at about 1300-1500. About once a week or so it may shoot up to 2100-2300, but generally it's pretty low.


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        I've had the same experience. In fact, I've sometimes had to make a concerted effort to eat MORE (in fat, usually) in order to prevent getting run down by inadequate intake for my activity level. I especially have to watch this on/around IF days.
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