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Too much protein?

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  • Too much protein?

    Hello All!

    I have just started the PB and I am wondering if maybe I like meat too much...
    I am 19, 5'8", and I weight 160 pounds
    Here is an average day for me:

    Breakfast: An omelet with bacon, sausage, peppers, and mushrooms. Sometimes an apple

    Lunch: Hamburger lettuce wrap

    Afternoon Snack: Some carrots or an apple, sometimes some nuts

    Dinner: 10 plain non-breaded chicken wings, and some salad with no cheese

    Evening Snack: Some grapes or some berries, occasionally some home made jerky if I have some.

    Is this too much? Not enough? Believe me, if I am not getting enough, I have NO problem adding more meat or eggs to my diet haha!

    Any advice you guys could give me would be awesome!

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    Without giving specific weights, it is hard to give you an answer. Enter your daily food intake into and find out how many grams you are consuming. Go to the start page of this website where Mark has literally just posted an answer to your exact query.


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      What is your objective? Gain muscle or lose fat? General health? Something else?

      If you eat PB just because, then you should just eat PB foods whenever you are hungry. Listen to your body and it will tell you when you are hungry.

      Key is just to stick to PB foods and avoid most carbs and omega-6/trans- fats. Go heavy on mostly (or all) organic veggies and meat/eggs and moderate everything else. No need to measure anything, your body will adapt to the PB nutritional menu and determine how much of it you need and when.
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        Like my buddy says:

        As my buddy says: "You can't eat too much protein." Eating a lot will help you gain muscle, so if that's what you're going for keep going. I'm 5'8" 162 (now) and I eat more protein than that in a day, and less fruit, but I'm trying to get bigger (aka muscle, not sure I could gain fat eating primal!). my new thing is eating some meat before getting ready for bed.

        If you're not trying to gain muscle, take Asturian's advice and listen to your body.


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          I don't think you can have too much protein if you get it in whole animal form. (It might be possible to overdo it on protein powder, though, so I keep that to a small percentage of my intake.) I get about 2g protein per pound of lean mass most days, and other than having to pee a lot, it doesn't seem to be holding me back at all. I'm aware of the notion that too much protein can increase gluconeogenesis and raise insulin, but I haven't noticed that effect in my own metabolism. If it exists, it's trivial for me. (By contrast, when I eat simple carbs, which is almost never, I can really feel the insulin spike.)

          Also, eating more meat may have other beneficial effects, such as raising testosterone levels. So bring it!


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            robbiecaveman -
            haha, wow how did i miss that article? that really helps. thanks


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              It doesn't look like too much protein to me, but you might consider adding fat. You're eating all good stuff, but everything but breakfast looks like it could be a bit on the lean side.
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                Joey, I am similar height and weight to you. I am 5'9", 166. I try to get about 135-175 grams of protein per day. I have found that to maintain muscle mass, that is a good range for me.