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Small ladies and carbohydrate amounts

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    20 years old, 5'5" and probably around 125 lbs... I've stopped counting my carbs but I'd say I average around 150g carbs a day. I'm not that active (walking a few times a week, occasional bike ride, occasional lifting) but I do a lot of yoga which I can tell speeds my metabolism.


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      26 5'2, 115 and about 18%bf. very active

      I eat more carbs when I've had a more difficult workout or when my time of the month is approaching and I feel sluggish. I d t limit carbs, and I don't track numbers. I always stick w sweet potatoes, acorn squash, butternut squash and others like this. I have atleast one a day, if not more.


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        5" 3" 43 yrs old 133 lbs new to primal eating and have not been tracking carbs but I just took the time to figure out what I've been eating and I would say typically I am aroung 100 g per day but on a low day (about once a week) I would hit 200-250 g per day

        I have not lost weight yet with primal eating but feel amazing