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First changes made in diet; suggestions

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    Originally posted by GreenGranted View Post
    I want to compliment everyone on the ridiculously fast replies. This is the most active forum I have ever seen. I'll surely stay here and ask more questions!

    Despite eating extreme amounts of carbohydrates, 3 months ago (before I started doing strength exercise) I looked close to a marathon runner. At present my figure is more carved out, but I am definitely looking to gain weight. I am very pleased with how I look, but judging by my lifelong diet you would say I would be obese! (I was in the 'danger zone', according to the prmal blueprint). What has accounted for this?

    I never drank any soda (except very incidentally) and my mother always prepared meals with fresh foods. Furthermore I have always cycled to school and now college for an hour a day and I'm active otherwise. These are my own ideas. I would love to hear yours.
    Yes because you are active, so you would have burned off a lot of those carbs, and because you are still young, so your metabolism is still naturally higher. Take away the great exercise and fast forward 10 years or so and you would not likely be the same picture. Also, it sounds like your diet previously wasn't too bad, apart from the bread/pasta - bread (wheat/grain) is of course not good for you due to the gluten, anti-nutrients and wasted calories on top of the insulin spike that hits your body when you take in complex carbs.

    If you are looking to gain weight, and I assume that is muscle you want due to the recent strength exercises, it is of course more protein that you should be taking on board. Don't forget protein shakes are OK as well and can be quite filling too. I had one for breakfast this morning as I was in a rush - a 30 second meal and good hit of protein to boot which filled me up for hours. You could also be quite liberal with fruit as I am quite often.


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      Not necessarily! Personally I eat around 6 eggs per day; I throw out 3 of the yolks and replace the fat with a spoonful of fish oil instead. It’s nothing wrong with egg yolks per se, but 3 egg yolks contains around 240 kcal, and that gives 7200 extra calories, that in one month equal 2 pound of body fat you could have lost by taking them out. So it very much depends on the diet you are on, the rest of what you are eating, and the total energy expenditure etc…
      Maybe for a diseased person laying in a bed. For most of us, that equals two pounds of muscle not added to the body.
      Crohn's, doing SCD