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    Hello all,

    Before I get started please note that this post is about your typical, "I wanna lose weight and exercise; what do I do?!" I will do my best to make this post as original as I can.

    A little about myself I am a full time junior in college with student loans and a part time job bringing in about $100 per week. Typical poor college student. I'm living with my parents until I graduate so I am blessed with a few meals and a roof over my head. I am 20 years old, 6-foot 2-inches and 188 lbs.

    I am not overweight, but I have a very unhealthy lifestyle. I eat out often, drink sodas and sweet tea, and do not exercise with the exception of running (well, more like jogging) a couple times a week. The only other exercise I get is running in 5K races (I do one every month) that I do in 30 minutes (10min/mile pace). I go to bed late and wake up to go to class every week day. Yuck.

    Heres the part where you come in what can I do to make my lifestyle healthier, and even more important where can I get the motivation and will power to make this change permeant? It's not that I have no motivation or will power, but I want to know what you do to stay fit and healthy.

    I want to change. I will change. And I have goals.

    The first goal is feeling better. I feel sluggish and I am not as happy as I once was. I want to feel like I can take on any challenge.

    My second goal is to be able to run faster. I run with friends in 5K's, 10K's, and half marathons. I am always the last once to finish. I am beginning to love running and I want to take it to the next level.

    My third goal is to look damn good. I want muscle and I want to show it off. Period. It will raise my confidence level and will please my lover

    Where should I start? What tools do you use to your advantage? What are some great tips and tricks? How do you motivate yourself?

    Thanks in advance for all your great input. I can't wait to hear what you have to say!

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    WANTING to change is the hardest part, you got that one nailed!

    The Primal Blueprint will get you the body of your dreams. Since you are poor, read all the stuff on the 'Getting Started" tab, download all the free guides, and ask for the Primal Blueprint book for Christmas.

    Spend the next couple weeks reading Mark's blogs and Definitive Guides. Pop on here to ask for clarification, but don't get too wrapped around the axle reading forum posts.

    Once you know what to eat and what not to eat, develop a good exercise regime that matches your lifestyle. Pushups, pullups, sprinting, and squats can be done real cheap. No need for a gym membership.

    Spend the next several years learning what works for you in terms of carb levels, calorie intake, and exercise recovery. Pay particular attention to getting quality sleep, good nutrition, and letting go of stress.

    You'll do great!


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      Great goals, jryan. I think you already know what you need to do. Ditch the sodas and processed products, ditch the grains and oils, start eating meat and veges and lifting heavy weights, get to bed on time and away you go.

      And as Otzi says, Read Read Read especially the definitive guides.

      Breakfast, eggs and eggs (and bacon if you can afford it).
      Lunch, leftovers or salad with added chicken or tuna.
      Dinner, meat and veges.

      Good luck. Once you start feeling the difference this way of life creates, your motivation will rise.
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        I think you already know what you need to do.