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  • non-starchy veggies

    I am interested in knowing what you consider non starchy....I have read some lists that have some squashes as non starchy? me is one of the most starchy vegetables...? & others that say cauliflower is a starch? which i thought was pretty much a staple on the low carb veggie list?

    I count all my calories & carbs but normally dont freak out too much if i end up having a pretty high carb day, as long as they are all from veggies..but I am interested in seeing how other people look at it.


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    Squash isn't starchy. Its carbs are substantially fructose. Not surprising for a fruit
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      i consider hard squashes in the starchy veg category. i also don't like them, so don't care since i never eat them, lol. 100 gms of cauliflower is 5 c, while 100 gms of butternut squash is 12 carbs. neither is really sky-high.
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