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    I am just starting primal eating and loving it so far! I want to make this how our family eats as a whole but am having a tough time for ideas for my kids. I think they are going to need to be a mix of primal and the SAD, but primarily primal unless there isn't a choice. I am having a tough time with kid friendly snacks though. Anyone have any ideas for this? My kids are 1 and 3 and a hand full of nuts doesn't always work for them, they do like fruit and dried fruit but I am out of ideas beyond those options. Ideas??

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    I was with you until you said your kids were 1 and 3. I thought at that age, they ate what you gave them! Mine are 15 & 8. They have access to outside food on their own, so it's not so easy to make their choices for them. : )

    For your ages, I've seen people recommend this site: Eat Like a Dinosaur | Paleo Parents
    Eat Like a Dinosaur is their book.


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      Make the nuts easier to eat and turn them into treats by making truffle balls - process nuts/dates/cocoa/vanilla/butter or coconut oil, roll into balls and roll in coconut.

      Cheese chunks. Ham slices. Both together ie ham rolled around cheese.

      Slice fruit dunked in cream or yoghurt.
      Annie Ups the Ante