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    Hi All,

    I am co-founder of a small beef jerky company located in the Boston area. We are in the process of developing a paleo-friendly jerky without soy sauce, HFCS, sugar, etc. in response to numerous requests at farmers markets where we sell our current products. My current debate is grass fed beef vs. conventional beef. I can sell a 1.75 ounce package of conventional for $3.00; however, for grass fed beef, I would need to charge close to $6.00. Obviously, grass fed beef is superior but I fear that I will price myself out of the market.

    Personally, I have discovered paleo eating over the past few months and am hooked but am not strict (I consume conventional beef much more often than grass fed.)

    Please provide your feedback.


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    We buy jerky at the farmer's market, I would prefer the less expensive without all the extra stuff. I am sure the grassfed would be wonderful, but it would be crazy to pay that for a snack!
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      Going the grass fed route would be preferred; however, all our jerkys are currently sliced top round beef. We are currently thinking of calling this new variety "Simply Primal" and it will consist of the following ingredients: Beef, water, salt, chili powder, red pepper, white pepper, and black pepper. It will be vacuum sealed for preservation (anticipated up to 6 months). Free six pack of this new variety to anyone who can come up with a better name (I am not crazy about Simply Primal).

      Any additional feedback would be appreciated. We hope to bring this to market by the end of the year.



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        i get most of my jerky from Steves Original. I like the grass fed. but i do eat the non grassfed ones that have nuts with them.

        I prefer grass fed. Also i prefer to be 0 carbs and little sodium curing process.


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          When picking out a jerky, what I first look for is one without the ingredients I'm trying eliminate. If it's made from grass-fed beed and reasonably priced -- even better. But I personally care more about the soy, HFCS and such.

          Good luck on the name search!


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            I submit Carnivore Candy for the name search. My idea, no takers!
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              Originally posted by mightstone2k View Post
              I submit Carnivore Candy for the name search. My idea, no takers!
              Nice. I like it.

              As for grassfed etc. I am with Rochxyde. I can live with regular beef, it is the added crap I don't want.


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                Since it is the fat content of grain-fed beef that is the concern and jerky shouldn't have much fat at all, I wouldn't think using grainfed for jerky would be much of an issue for primal folk.


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                  ^I agree. With jerky, given the lean cuts involved, I don't think it's as big a concern as it would be with what kind of steak I'd like to eat.
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                    I love jerky and I make my own in massive quantities.


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                      Nothing But the Moo

                      I'd be happy with non grass fed jerky, but Boston might have a higher end consumer.
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                        I'm going with regional suggestions, since I lived in Boston for awhile...

                        Boston Baked Beef (logo with a bull kicking a pot of beans out of the way or something)

                        Beantown Beef (Jerky)

                        Pilgrim Jerky

                        You could do something like naming different recipes for different towns/landmarks (kind of like the duck tours have done - Fenway Fanny, Back Bay Bertha, Commonwealth Curley, Copley Squire, Penelope Pru, etc. for their DUKWs)

                        wicked pissa jerky? lol.

                        I'm partial to the grass-fed. I don't eat non-grass-fed if I can help it... I like that Steve's Original, for example, offers both grass fed and conventional jerky... it gives consumers the option of cheaper or better... I'm not sure if doing both is an option for you?


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                          Nor'easter Noms


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                            Great feedback everyone. Thanks!


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                              I am a picky consumer. I would not buy it if it was conventional beef. Is it grass fed or grass fed grass finished? That makes a difference to me. Is it organic? That's a big deal to me too.

                              I buy Trader Joe's organic beef jerky, it's $5.?? I think $5.49 for three ounces. I bought it more often when it was $4.99 for some reason that was my price point.

                              I like the suggestion of the wicked pissa jerky, haha

                              What about Wicked Good Primal Jerky

                              or just Wicked Good Jerky.

                              There is a company that makes a soy jerky that calls their products Primal Strips, Primal Spirit, and Primal Jerky. So you may want to shy away from anything close to their name.