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    I find myself facing a rather daunting challenge: how does one stay primal on a minimalist world trip? Let me lay out some background information for clarity's sake.

    Within a month, I'll be heading down to Peru on a mission trip for a term of months. I asked representatives of the group I'll be working with about it; eating primal there will be easy enough. Fresh, locally-sourced food is cheap in the area I'll be working, to the extent that it will likely be easier there than here in the States. My concern lies with what follows.

    I applied to the Peace Corps as well, and was originally planning on serving my 27 months, but near as I can tell, my application has been turned down--the recruiter I was in contact with told me to expect confirmation within a certain time frame, but I've heard nothing, which doesn't seem like a good sign. Certainly disappointing, but I do have a back-up plan: "walking the Earth," as they say. The idea is to hit all six inhabited continents, covering them as extensively as possible, traveling and living as cheaply as possible; living more with less is something of an obsession of mine. I've got a job I can do anywhere, as long as my laptop's with me, and I've been doing extensive research and planning for quite some time, so the practicalities are mostly sorted out...

    Except that I'm not really clear on a viable strategy for primal nutrition while I'm doing this. This trip will be made without a car, so whatever possessions are coming with me will have to be carried. Given the pace I'm currently planning on, I will be alternating between a few days in one area and days spent almost entirely on the road. Certain legs of the trip--I am thinking here of much of Africa and parts of Asia--will take me to the very heart of human poverty and scarcity, so I can't plan to rely on local food sources wherever I go, as appealingly Grokish a notion that is.

    I've read Mark's great post about staying primal on the road, and it has many wonderful suggestions, but it seems intended for travel of the duration most people pursue--matters of days or a couple weeks. Travel will be my lifestyle, my own strength will determine what resources I can bring along, and scarcity will be a frequent companion of mine. Can I really continue to cultivate primal fitness on canned food for what will likely be a six-to-seven-year process?

    Thank you all in advance, and thanks to Mark for providing this place for us to exchange primal knowledge!


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    I don't think it's possible. In some of these areas, meats will be scarce (or unattainable), and it'll be too hot to carry dairy or meat products with you unless it's just jerky. You kind of have to make do with whatever you can find.

    Also, be careful. I'm assuming you're a male, but it still doesn't mean you'll be safe, a guy friend of mine was raped on a trip like this.