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Stevia Causing Sugar Cravings? Or Something Else?

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  • Stevia Causing Sugar Cravings? Or Something Else?

    I thought stevia was the best option when it came to sugar substitutes. I get pure stevia from a local vitamin store.

    For the past month, I've been trying to research possible options to end my sugar cravings. During that time, I came across The Whole 30. I have considered doing a Whole 30, but what I'm really starting to wonder is whether or not stevia is part of the problem...or if it is something else entirely.

    Some background...

    My calories/protein/fat/carbs on average is about 1950/100/150/60

    Daily Supplements
    -magnesium citrate (200-400mg)
    -calcium (300 mg)
    -cod liver oil (1 tsp)
    -vitamin B complex (1 capsule)
    -vitamin C (3,000-4,000mg)
    -vitamin dE (200IU)
    -probiotic (Nature's Way Primadophilus)

    The stevia I take daily...
    28 gram bottle, 45 servings per bottle = about 0.6 gm per serving. I have between 1-4 (0.6-2.4 gm) servings daily.

    Other things I have been trying to improve on are consistent exercise and sleep. I understand that lack of sleep triggers sugar cravings. I can say with certainty that even during weeks that I get enough sleep and go to bed at the same time, I still crave sugar. I have also tried adding additional supplements (5-HTP, chromium picolinate, and gymnema sylvestre, separately) to see if they would help.

    Despite a few slip ups (involving sugar), I have maintained primal eating for three months. Now that eating this way has developed into a habit for me, I want to widen the space between slip-ups until they are more or less eliminated. I think sugar cravings is one of the things preventing me from progressing.
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    I have found that anything with a sweet taste can cause me to want sweet stuff. So I gave up the stevia (and I was using it from a plant I keep on my deck), and then I also gave up fruit altogether. No serious sugar cravings these days at all.


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      How long did it take you before they gave out entirely?


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        for me, it took about 3 days after giving up fruit. For my husband, it took two weeks. I think it's different for each person. But neither of us have sugar cravings anymore.


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          Ok, I'll keep that in mind. Once consistent sleep and exercise become more habitual, I think I'll try giving up sugar cold turkey and see how long it takes me. Thanks for replying to my post!


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            yep, a step at a time is the best way to approach it. good luck!


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              I've had a similar experience. Stevia and almonds cause cravings for me. Try cutting those out for 2-3 days and see if it gets better.

              Taking l-glutamine a couple times a day seems to help with the cravings in case they don't go away in a few days.
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                No serious sugar cravings these days at all.


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                  Studies have shown that if your mouth tastes something sweet, your body will expect it and seek the sugar from other sources in the form of cravings if it doesn't get what it expects to. It's a contributing factor to why people who drink Diet Coke are still fat. They may be drinking less sugar, but their body tastes the sugar and expects to get the carbs, and when it doesn't, the mind will go tell the body to reach for other sweet snacks.
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