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How to Not Gain Weight Over the Holiday -- great article by NerdFitness

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  • How to Not Gain Weight Over the Holiday -- great article by NerdFitness

    I thought this was a great article today -- entertaining with some good tips on how to prevent over-eating over the holidays. Love the photo of Santa in the Wheelchair!

    How to NOT Gain Weight During the Holidays | Nerd Fitness
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    The article is kind of a no-brainer for most of us here, isn't it?
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      Maybe. Who knows what the percentage of "veteran" posters/experienced Primal people is as opposed to newer folks on this forum? That would be an interesting poll actually.

      I'm kind of at the point where I don't see the big deal with gaining some weight. I need to stick with a paleo eating structure because I don't feel well when I don't, and I get really sick when I eat too much sugar (which I am inclined to do), but I'm thin, so I'm not going to stress if I gain some weight. I know how to get rid of it! If people are still actively trying to lose or maintain a medication condition or something, they should probably be more careful about holiday benders, but if not, why not indulge a bit? Gaining weight in the winter time is actually a natural occurrence. It doesn't have to be a negative thing.
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        "No-brainer" doesn't necessarily translate into "Action plan". I think it's smart and more likely to be effective to think through the whole period with strategy and tactics focused on your weak spots and foreseeable danger zones.

        Lots of people have things dialed in for their regular routine but may not have planning and preparation in place for special events, special stress, or special temptations.

        Thanks for the pointer!
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