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IF and Adrenals issue

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  • IF and Adrenals issue

    Hello everyone.

    I have hypopituitarism, so I take T injections for Hypogonadism, Erfa Thyroid for Hypothyroidism (slowly increasing my dose to reach 60 mg, I'm on 30 mg at the moment) and Arimidex (anastrozole) to control the T aromatization to Estradiol.

    My T levels are good, my E2 (Estradiol) levels got better with Arimidex since the beginning of this week (don't feel and look any different at the moment, but my doc told me it could take 4 to 6 weeks for the symptoms to fade, even with good blood sugar levels, I don't know about that).

    However I experience severe "lack of cortisol" issues, like inability to handle stress, even everyday stress which isn't even stressful in a logical way, like even too much movements, agitation, noises, or physical activity. It's like panic attacks with extreme fatigue, extreme brain fog, extreme anxiety/need to scream, feels like passing out of dying, it's very very hard to deal with. I also got adrenaline rushes at night with insomnia sometimes, and something that feels like hypoglycemia on some days. My whole body swells, especially my face, my hips, my feet and my hands.

    My cortisol was tested, 8 AM, it was too low.
    The last test showed a morning cortisol of 380 nmol/l when it should be around 500 nmol/l
    Before that it was something like 260 nmol/l (the 380 nmol/l could be artificially elevated because I didn't have a fullnight sleep so I was kind of more stressed than usual).

    However, my "anti aging" doc who put me on Erfa Thyroid told me that sometimes, getting Free T3 in the good range can solve adrenals problems.
    Is it true ?

    He told me that IF wasn't good for someone with cortisol production and good use problems like me and that I should switch to a more "frequent" and smaller meals schedule, because big meals tend to mess with insuline and therefore rendering cortisol less efficient so messing with energy levels...

    Is is true ?
    I IF 16/8 every day, eat 2 big meals a day of like 55%F/30%P/15%C.
    I get up quite late, like 11 AM and eat my meal some minutes after waking up, and eat my last meal before 7 PM.

    Any input of people dealing with adrenals/thyroid/hormonals problems about Intermittent Fasting ?

    Thank you very much
    Young self-caring Paleo-eater from France.
    (So please forgive the strange way I tend to express myself in your beautiful language )

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    I don't know if any of us are equipped to answer these questions. I would trust your doctors as your issues are pretty severe and bad advice could cause some nasty consequences.

    Good luck getting things sorted out!