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    The beans in the bulk bins ought to be able to sprout just fine. If they don't, then they are not alive and no good and you'll have to get the ones they sell for sprouting.

    The difference between sprouting and cooking is sprouting turns the bean into a little plant. You can eat it with just a little sprout coming out or let it get a couple of leaves or somewhere in between. A lady at the farmers market in my town sells all kinds of sprouts that are basically the bean with a little tiny bit of plant sprout coming out. They are very tasty. I don't really care if they "aren't primal", they taste good to me. I especially like sprouted lentils and peanuts.
    What about the bean sprouts and alfalafala sprouts they sell already sprouted? I love both of them. Good, no good? I am kind of excited to try to sprout bulk seeds. I love sprouting peas and beans in the spring before planting!

    Insane athleticism doesn't actually work.
    She enjoys it though. She bikes everywhere (since she lives in the happy BC climate) and goes to the pool and gardens like mad.

    See, my pictures of doing nothing much expect for walking at lunch sometime have double chins and rolls of fat, but my pics of carrying current exercise load are with no double chin at least. And, I had experienced the best body ever when I spent that boring month in the south with mom when we ate pretty much vegetarian, hiked the mountains and swam all day long, and nothing else. Obviously, I can't replicate this Meditarennian lifestyle ever again, but my experience is exactly opposite to yours - the more I move, the better I look. It is probably because my job is all about sitting on my butt. And, yews, I know I can be standing, but I couldn't manage that for long.

    And, before anyone weighs in, I *know* that being completely vegetarian is NOT a good thing, and I do NOT intend to be vegetarian ever again, I just don't want to feel obliged to eat meat every day, 3x a day.

    Anyawy, I am off teh scale, off the diet, off everything, and gonna get fat. I hope I will get the next jolt of energy to fight it before I gain back to 150. But if not, well I guess the Why Women Need Fat is right, and it is my fate to be a fat cow for the rest of my life. Life sucks, but at least I will get to eat fruit before I die.
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    When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.


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      The more I move the better I look too, up to a point. A couple hours a day gets me to a better place aesthetically than 14 hours a day of backpacking. It's a bell curve. Insane levels, adding more and more, has diminishing returns. But it is fun and I would do that 14 hours a day thing again for sure, and will someday, but not for how it makes me look, but for how awesome it is to be able to do something like that. Doing stuff > being eye-candy.

      As for the bean and alfalfa sprouts, those are more like vegetables. Eat them if you like them. The sprouts I'm talking about are more like still the beans. Like this:

      The raw vegans will have recipes on how to make them. You can buy them, too.

      You are not a fat cow and you are not destined to be one for the rest of your life. Find other goals more worth your time and brain energy than the number on a scale or body fat percentage numbers.
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        I for sure wasn't talking about 14 hr day of athletic endurance, though to be honest, I would have dearly liked to do for a long trail like that. I doubt it would ever happen. Mom is more like 5-6 hrs, maybe up to 10 if you count her endless garden re-dig (she has a tiny plot, but I think she has created and replaced soil about three times to the depth of 2 feet or something).

        Thank you. I am putting both on my shopping list, I haven't had the first kind in forever, and I missed them. Not sure why, likely just the whole 'seeds are bad for you' - and I am excited to try the soaked peas and beans. I actually will just try to start with the non-split selection of bulk legumes and see if they would sprout. Cool.
        My Journal:
        When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.


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          I'm a vegan that just includes fish, meat, poultry, eggs, game meats, and anything else that had a mother. Wait I guess that makes me Primal/Paleo.