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    Has anybody done a full pregnancy eating, moving, sleeping, etc. using the "primal blueprint"?

    If so, how did it go? Positives? Negatives? How did you deal with doctors who do not approve?

    Most importantly, in this post, what was a typical day like eating wise? What was a daily "must"? What did you occasionally allow yourself? What did you steer clear of? (obviously alcohol, caffeine, etc)
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    I had never heard of primal/paleo when I was pregnant, so I obviously didn't. But as for dealing with doctors... my rule is to not tell them! If it makes them happier to think you eat CW, then let them think that!


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      I'm 6 months pregnant (24 weeks), and have been primal/paleo for 2 years.

      I don't have anything else to compare this to as it's my first pregnancy, but so far I can't really complain. I did have morning sickness until 17 weeks, which was rough as it typically lasted all day and brought heartburn with it. I lost about 5lbs during that time. I've just started to put weight on in the last 6 weeks. I've had some other normal pregnancy complaints, like being tired or getting out of breath really easily (which is apparently a side effect of increased progesterone). But I generally feel pretty normal. Aside from my baby boy kicking me from the inside all the time A side effect I didn't anticipate was all the sweating. Seriously. Pre-pregnancy I never had a problem with smelling or sweating. But I smell like a hobo now because I sweat so much!! lol

      Other pregnant women I know have complained about trouble sleeping, but I've had absolutely no problem getting to sleep. I sleep around 10 hours a night, and I don't get up to pee during the night- which is apparently unusual? I don't take naps, but I did in the first trimester.

      In terms of movement, I still do most things I would normally do. For example yesterday I moved around a bunch of furniture trying to rearrange baby's nursery. I don't feel 'weak' or anything. People have said 'Ooh no, let me get that for you' but I just tell them 'Thank you, but I'm not sick! I'm just pregnant '. The only thing I DO need help with sometimes is getting up from a sitting position, now that my bump is bigger lol.
      I have a birth ball (or they are also called a gym ball; just a big inflated ball) that I use to sit or bounce on. I do a lot of squatting. I spent a lot of time on all fours in the beginning because it made me feel better; My hips ached and my stomach felt tight (uterus expanding). Walking feels good.

      My midwives don't have much to say about how I do things because I barely see them, so they don't have an opportunity to comment I suppose. When they do ask questions I just smile and nod. They don't need to know the details of my diet; my blood and urine is always good and they have no worries about this pregnancy. Also, I think I'm in the minority because my blood iron levels are acceptable and they didn't need to put me on iron tablets. Seems like most pregnant women I know have to be on them. I don't take prenatals, but I do occasionally take vitamin D, and an iron supplement to help with the tiredness. I was taking the fermented cod live oil/high vitamin butter blend capsules from Green Pastures but I've run out of them and they are on back order

      I eat runny egg yolks and undercooked meat (rare steaks, yummm) and I've even eaten brie! *gasp* I'm no worse off for it, and probably much better off actually. I never bought into the typical advice that 'carbs combat morning sickness' because at least for me, carbs make me feel SO. MUCH. WORSE. For the first 5 months, if I ate a meal of gluten or dairy, it would come straight back up. Not pleasant. Potatoes still make me feel icky. I did eat dry crackers in the first couple months, and they did help settle my stomach first thing in the morning.

      What I normally eat; before pregnancy, I used to IF pretty regularly. Now I need to eat breakfast soon after waking, and I eat every 3-6 hours. I get SUPER hungry if it's been closer to 6hrs. I was eating eggs daily for breakfast (either egg muffins, or eggs and bacon, or egg sandwiches on GF bread) but recently I got sick of eggs so have been eating greek yogurt with berries and nuts in it.

      For lunches, lately I have been very into meat and cheese roll-ups and cut up veggies like carrot sticks. Or I'll eat a big salad.

      Dinner is just what we would normally make; meat and veg. Recent dinners include: bratwurst, fried onions, and mashed potatoes (the potatoes are a rare food for me, and made me feel unwell). We also had homemade meatballs in marinara with sauteed kale. Roasted chicken thighs and drumsticks with a tray of roasted veg (butternut squash, broccoli, onions etc).

      I avoided caffeine completely until 20 weeks, now I'll have a cup of regular tea per day. I also drink herbal teas such as nettle & peppermint or rooibos, or when I had a head cold lemon & ginger tea was wonderful. I've avoided alcohol and smoking obviously, but other than that I let myself have what I want. I wanted a Krispy Kreme doughnut the other week and I had it. it was fantastic. Now I'm over it. Takeaway became very handy when I was too sick and tired to cook, so I've had indian (spicy currys) or chinese or pizza occasionally. I don't have much of a sweet tooth during this pregnancy, which is a nice change because normally I do.
      If I want a snack, I'll just rummage through the kitchen until I find something that looks good. It may be some cheese with a bowl of grapes. A piece of fruit. Some veggie sticks with homemade courgette hummus. pieces of cold meat. egg muffins. really, whatever is available and tasty. I've gone off nuts slightly, so they don't feature in my diet often anymore. I do crave orange vegetables, and have since the beginning. Carrots and butternut squash mainly. It makes sense though, as they are high in vitamin A which is so crucial during fetal development. I dont worry about getting 'too much' vitamin A from natural sources.

      I am having a planned homebirth with a midwife and a doula in attendance, and a birthing pool to use if I want it. I'm doing some prep for labour, and I hope it will be a pretty stress-free and natural experience!


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        How did it eventually go for you? Did everything turn out all right? Did you maintain a paleo diet after giving birth? Would you do it the same way again? Sorry for posing so many questions. It's a topic that's especially relevant to me at the moment.


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          Hi Jennifer and Twinklebree!

          I wish I knew about paleo when I was pregnant. You're so lucky. I think it's very good for your growing baby since you ingest only good fats that will be used to built your baby's brain. And you will continue giving him/her good fats if you choose to breastfeed.
          Paleo since April 2013 for health reasons.