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    Seasonal. Primary sources are...
    Late Summer and Autumn: squashes, pumpkins, parsnips, turnips, chestnuts, almonds, apples, pears, berries.
    Winter: parsnips, squashes, pumpkins, chestnuts, almonds, walnuts, any other nut that keeps well, apples.
    Spring to Summer: leafy greens, seeds, cucumbers, asparagus, beetroot, courgette, raddishes.
    All year: carrots, sweet potatoes, different brassicas, bananas, dried fruits and roasted seeds/nuts.

    Eating seasonally: cheap, varied, tastes better, less risk of being contaminated, force-cultivated or dipped in shellac.

    (Yes, I mix and match and eat out of season, but, primarily, that's my MAIN carb-intake and it's USUALLY seasonal.)
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      If you can find purple sweet potatoes they are really a lot different than any other kind of sweet potato
      i have tried them and wasnt overly impressed. my kids didnt like them at all so i have not bothered again as they are not cheap. we do get a type of sweet potato here called a hawaian blue which is blue inside. well in the middle, it is faintly blue and they are nice. i like maori potatoes which are mainly the pre-1900 varieties of potato. different starches to modern potatoes. i have never liked rice and last time i checked it was a grain anyways so i am gonna hide behind that. other than that, i have root veges like parnsip, oca, carrots and kumara ( sweet potato ) on occasion. the odd banana in a paleo mug cake with some coconut flour. the carbs in nuts and dairy and avocados. i dont mind plantains either but the kids arent keen on them.


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        As the weather has cooled, my yen for fruits and berries has also cooled. But I'm eating more tomatoes and squash. Avocado is available all year, but I've decreased those from about one a day to one a week, just by taste, not because I'm avoiding them. I'm eating white rice (like less than a cup cooked) occasionally, and now that I've tasted duck fat french fries, they may be my undoing. I like cauliflower and brussel sprouts. Citrus - I go through a lot of lemons, and once a week I infuse some vodka with grapefruit, but since you only use the skin for that, I eat the grapefruit after I've zested it.
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          Thanks for all the replys! Getting carbs from primal foods doesnt seem so hard now


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            sweet potatoes with butter, only a medium Russet with butter and Sour Cream; stone ground wheat bread only if about to work out to burn it off; no rice although I would like to test some wild rice out. Vegetables, meat and eggs on relaxed days. Occassionally a half cup of cooked chick peas on a salad. Diabetic so these are things that I can tolerate if less that 30-40 grams of lower GI carbs(hence no rice- still want to see if wild rice has a lower GI type effect)


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              White potatoes (sometimes)
              Sweet potatoes
              White rice (sometimes, if I go out and eat Greek or Middle Eastern)
              Squash of all types
              Small amount of fruit (apple, banana)
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