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OMG I just destroyed some cookies!!!

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    Also, do take a break and be social, it's good for you


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      Whole milk for cheap protein. Butter for VERY cheap calories and healthy fat, it also keeps me full when I eat a goodamount Just eat as much good meat as you can afford. Cook it medium with some paprika and pepper and you're good.
      O yeah, butter makes anything taste good
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      well then


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        Originally posted by samiamm View Post
        lol I can't do that because

        1) I like this girl
        2) If I was having sex with a person, and found out they were having sex with other people, I'd be disgusted

        Jus think about it, all the stuff that could be going around

        I guess i'm either

        1) a pussy


        2) a "good" guy
        Never apologise for being a decent guy.

        add avocados, canned tuna or salmon, eggs

        There is a college crowd on here that can help out, but try a thread with a title making that audience clear, like College Food...


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          That sucks.

          Where are you located? Because maybe you need to get off campus for a meal on occasion. If you are in the South, meet the GF at the nearest BBQ place, devour a pile of pull pork and then go F in your car for a while.

          If not, go get a crock pot and toss a pork butt or shoulder in it for about 12 hours. Shred. Eat pork.

          Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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            So what! Live life!