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  • Please help!

    Help! I have a vegan telling me that not eating meat is healthier than eating meat. She spouted that you need to have a medical researched articles to prove a point (because it's on the internet you can't trust anything) and then she started sharing links to nytimes posts....

    I either need links to readable articles or links to websites that have peer reviewed information about how eating meat is good for you.

    Please help!

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    The NYT is a medical research facility? I'd ask for some real research. Or not, actually. I'd probably not discuss it with her.

    Do you need to convince her, or convince yourself? It's not likely you'll convince her until she's ready. Mostly you probably need to cut off the discussion and not discuss it with her.

    Finally, regardless of what she says, and what the internet says, how do you feel? If you feel good, tell her to stuff it.
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      lol, yeah I feel fine. My argument now is to just find some good medical articles, not the NYTimes, tell her it's been peer reviewed and written by professionals. Then just leave it. I'm just disgusted with her comment about medical research, and then she gives me an article from a news paper.


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        A great question to drill down through the BS: how do you know that?

        One person who argues that non mean > mean is T Colin Campbell - author of the China Study.

        But he's not peer reviewed...



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          Good luck convincing a vegan meat is good for you. If she really wants medical proof why don't you both follow your selected eating plans, than get physicals to compare health


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            Yeah, even if you find solid research, good luck getting the vegan off her high horse. Trust me, I've been that obnoxious, sanctimonious person myself.
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