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  • beverages?

    I used to be a heavy coffee drinker, and always tried to limit caffeine intake because too much make me jittery. Too much for me means more than 1 cup at a time. I've limited to 1 cup, switched to decaf, turned to tea, etc. Seems that I need my fix and can't function without caffeine, and that dependency bothers me more than the actual caffeine intake.

    For the past few months or so, I'd been drinking milk tea. Since improved energy levels with increased fat intake, I've tried to stop drinking tea. I notice my alertness is not the same as when I've had caffeine. This makes me crave caffeine. But I also think it's partly out of habit to drink something warm in the morning, and want to drink/snack in afternoons. Is there good reason to eliminate caffeine if I can? What beverages can I substitute for it?

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    I see no reason to remove caffeine unless your body reacts negatively to it or your adrenals are fatigued. You'd have to pry my coffee mug from my cold, dead hands big you're insistent upon replacing your coffee, you could try black tea, green tea, green tea powder (matcha), or yerbamate.
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      I'm a bit sensitive to the effects of caffeine. Just one sip over my tolerance and I'm jittery. I like the taste and smell of coffee though!

      I also really like tea, but even a cup in the afternoon interferes with night sleep.

      Once I start drinking either, I start drinking more and more just to feel normal.