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Would someone with corn allergies have trouble with erythritol?

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  • Would someone with corn allergies have trouble with erythritol?

    or other things derived from corn? like citric and ascorbic acid?

    I've also become aware that erythritol can be gotten from wheat. would the process it goes through to get the erythritol out of the wheat still have gluten containing properties?

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    Surely we have a knowledgeable chap on the subject here.


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      Someone with corn allergies MAY have trouble with erythritol, citric acid, and ascorbic acid.
      Here is a list of many commonly used items that may contain corn.

      CORN FREEDOM - Corn Derivatives List

      I have had trouble with citric acid in the past, I only eat whole foods now.
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        It depends on the level of the allergy. My 5 year old son is allergic to corn and all it's derivatives, but it is not a life threatening allergy. Yes it is possible to react to them. My son was sick with a high fever and we gave him pedialyte and he promptly broke out in hives. Best we can figure is that the dextrose in it was corn derived. We have pretty much eliminated corn and all corn derviatives as of about 4 years ago. Basically if it comes out of a box he can't eat it. Part of how we go into primal is that it has a whole foods emphasis. The other is diabetes.