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Trying out Bulletproof Coffee

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  • Trying out Bulletproof Coffee

    How much butter do you use per cup?
    The site said 2tbs to 2 mugs, so I just used a tbs, but I think it could use more, thoughts?

    I just made a batch of this stuff, and it is fantastic. I didn't get the fancy shmancy brand name stuff, just used some starbucks and unsalted butter. Totally unexpected, it looks like I just used cream in it, and all I did was use a counter top blender. Definitely give it a try if you haven't yet.

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    You're doing basically what I'm doing, though I think Starbucks coffee is awful unless it's all dolled up with stuff I shouldn't have. I only do bulletproof coffee once in a while, on the weekends, these days. I usually also put in a spoon of coconut oil.

    I drank this regularly for a while, and it didn't seem to stall my weight loss, but it was kind of a hassle because the heat from the coffee mucks up the rubber seal on my blender cap. I could probably do better with a different blender, but my room mate loves this one, and having two seems silly.

    I do like that it's basically a replacement for heavy cream. I'm a bit lactose intolerant these days, and while butter doesn't give me trouble, cream does.


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      I don't always drink bulletproof coffee, but when I do it in a 24oz travel mug and use about 1/2 TBS of kerrygold and 1/2 TBS coconut oil. I use this cup and quantity because my immersion blender fits down inside of it. Blending it is the key. It makes it frothy
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        If I don't seem to have trouble with dairy would there be an advantage to doing bullet proof over just heavy cream? Less carbs maybe? Coffee is one thing I just don't want to give up, less about caffeine than the ritual of it in the morning. I used to eat breakfast everyday and now with the heavy cream I don't eat breakfast and just skip to lunch/when I get hungry before I eat.
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          I'm the same way, I just use heavy cream now and skip breakfast. I think the upside is in the amount of dairy, as merryish mentioned, cream often times doesn't sit well with people where butter is just fine. That might be the difference, but I'd also like to know if there are any other advantages. Simple cream seams a lot easier.


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            Originally posted by Chris_H View Post
            I don't always drink bulletproof coffee, but when I do ......
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              Well, it doesen't work for me, and I have tried it with cream, unsalted butter and also mixing in MCT oil. And there is no reason whatsoever that this should "work" either, exept of course from the placebo effect. It is quite tasty though, but it don't help me in taking away hunger when doing IF. Bulletproof coffeTM is a gimmick made by a smart salespersrson, also remember that two tablespoons of butter gives the same amount of energy as 3 whole eggs - a much better option for dieting in my opinion.

              I personally like to mix a spoonful of unsalted butter and 20 gram of dark chocholate, a tea-spoon of Nescafe, and a gram of Splenda, and from time to time a little rum. I use this to reward myself and I enjoy the taste but without fooling myself into magical thinking about that it takes away the hunger or doesen't count in the energy budget. Hmm, maybe I should find some way to trademark it...
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                It works for me. I don't really need it in the morning, because I don't feel hungry in the morning and though I love it, it's kind of heavy for me as a day starter.

                However, it does work for me later in the day. One cup and any small hunger pangs I'm having go away. Good organic coffee is one of life's joys, so having different ways to enjoy it is great. I don't put a lot of butter in, sometimes only 1/2 tblsp, but just that little bit of fat must tell my brain that I've eaten food because I can then go until later in the evening which is when I like to eat.

                I'd also encourage you to try different coffees from different countries. And to try other than Starbucks. I'm not slamming them, it's just that if you try different beans from different roasters, you'll really enhance your coffee experience.
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                  Mine is a couple of TBS kerrygold unsalted butter, about the same amount of NOW brand MCT oil, and enough coffee to fill my 16-oz travel mug. Blended in the blender until it's sorta blond and foamy. (coffee added up to the 16 oz line on the blender container)


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                    I'm definitely looking for new organic brands, but I am geographically constricted and don't have a lot of options.


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                      Thanks for everyones thoughts and tips, I tried it yesterday and was quite impressed with the results, I think I'll keep it up on fast days.


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                        I don't think it's magic, and the calories don't somehow disappear because you put them in your coffee. Yes, it won't kick you out of ketosis, but it's still energy you take in.

                        I find black coffee is sometimes hard on my stomach without a little fat to cushion it, and butter is a nice alternative to cream when I'm trying to limit lactose/casein intake (too much dairy makes me bloaty). I don't call it bulletproof coffee, though. I call it "coffee with butter". I also like butter tea. I bought one of those little battery-operated whisk things that are meant for frothing milk, and that mixes it quite nicely without the fuss of the blender.
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                          I've been curious about using ghee as I am trying to get away from milk solids. The stronger flavor of ghee makes me pause though, and I hate to waste good coffee. Does anyone use/prefer ghee in their coffee? I rarely use bulletproof coffee, but I will use it (1 cup) later on on a Saturday morning when I know I need to skip lunch for one reason or another - it keeps me satiated until that evening.


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                            Some people use ghee instead of butter if they are very lactose intolerant. I'm sure the flavor will get lost in the coffee. Now and then I add a bit of cinnamon or chocolate. Typically a couple mugs lasts me till lunch or mid afternoon. The people who say it "doesn't work" for appetite suppression sound like they are only using tiny bits of fats. I use Kerrygold butter for its high K2 content and usually coconut oil and/or MCT oil. It adds up to my normal breakfast worth of calories so its not surprising that I'm not hungry till lunch.


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                              Oh, and I do factor in the calories from the butter/oil into my total for the day. It isn't to magically suppress my appetite, or that I think that it vanishes... I use this because I am still in major gut healing mode, and I feel that it is helpful to me to get more pure healthy fat in me, so that my gut recovers.

                              Not being hungry for 6 hours is a bonus.