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SIBO/Fodmap/hypoglycemia friendly carb reintroduction?

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  • SIBO/Fodmap/hypoglycemia friendly carb reintroduction?

    Hi guys,

    due to some rather serious symptoms, and indications that my adrenals had become seriously fried (almost complete insomnia, lower back kidney/adrenal pain, shortness of breath, faintness, dizziness etc) I decided to add more carbs into my diet having previously been VLC for about 9 months. I also have ongoing constipation which I was unable to resolve on VLC despite trying numerous supplements and approaches like GAPS. My constipation feels somewhat 'metabollically linked' although I do have significant gut dysbiosis.

    I know there is a recommendation to increase carbs gradually, however I needed to resolve the worst of the symptoms above quickly.

    I am male and underweight for my height and also hypoglycemic (partly what led me to lower carbs in the first place) so there is no calorie restriction, only that I don't want to fall off the other end, pounding carbs and having unstable blood sugars. I'm not diabetic.

    It's only been a few days and my sleep and energy are much better. Constipation is also a little better although my gut in general requires some work. However the brain fog is quite strong. I know this can happen with carb reintroduction.

    This is a typical days eating....

    10am ish - sausages (99% gluten free) and goose fat
    1pm - cup of berries
    1.30 - 2pm - roast turkey, 150g of white potato's, coconut oil
    5 - 5.30pm - sardines, 150g of white potato's, coconut oil
    8pm - cup of berries
    9pm - beef, duck fat and greens

    Amounts to about 100g of carbs. Still predominantly fat. Some of my rationales are the following....

    - Seperating fruit slightly from main meals for better digestion
    - Not eating many late evening carbs due to possible hypoglycemia in the night. I know carbs in the evening for many help people sleep.
    - Low fodmap
    - Frequency of meals required for better blood sugar control
    - High carb breakfast would crash me

    I was hoping to assemble a SIBO/fodmap and hypoglycemia controlled diet but can't find anything. All carb choices conflict with each other. White rice is safer for the gut but spikes BS and causes crashes later. Sweet potato's offer a smoother blood sugar rise but give me constipation etc.

    How long might it take to overcome the brain fog?
    Does the carb distribution throughout the day look okay?
    Has anyone experienced any genuine benefit from any supplements for hypoglycemia?

    I'm very much in need of some metabolic rehabilitation. I cannot survive in ketosis with such severe symptoms. I've been intrigued by Matt Stone's work but feel it would be a risk to pound allot of food when I'm quite sick and got sick in the first place from an SAD high carb diet.


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    Konnor, I realize this is a very old post, so you may have figured it all out by now. However, if you're still struggling, I'd recommend "fast tract digestion (IBS version rather than GERD version)" by Dr. Norm Robillard. He has developed a system to rate the fermentation potential of foods in order to see which ones are best for not feeding the extra bugs you have from SIBO. It's kind of a combination of all the best concepts from SCD/GAPS/FODMAPS, and it seems pretty solid. As with anything, it requires some tweaking for paleo/primal, and blood sugar issues, but it should help you figure out which of the carbs you can tolerate feed the overgrowth of bacteria the least. I've been using it as a guideline while following SCD, and the results have been pretty restrictive to begin with (I have to watch blood sugar for adrenal fatigue issues), but it's helping a lot so far. One thing I will say from personal experience is watch out for onions! I used to think they are the most innocuous item on earth, but that was before SIBO and possible leaky gut. Turns out they can cause some mean bloating.