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IMF by eating one big meal plus a small snack.....

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  • IMF by eating one big meal plus a small snack.....

    I was recently ill and didn't have a good appetite and felt like I should fast and drink immune boosting teas and homeopathic medicine. On the second evening I was hungry so I ate a small bowl of vegetable-chicken soyp and several almonds. I was curious about my weight and on the third morning I noticed I dropped 3.5 pounds in just two days possibly two and a half...
    I wasn't active as I had no energy! I wonder if fasting in such a way that I eat a big meal ONLY ONCE I AM VERY HUNGRY and including some light exercise during the fast will speed up fat loss?? I have been eating aroubd 20-30 grams carbs and no fruit whatsoever and yet maybe because I still have a lot to lose...I need to change my routine?? So I want some sound advice on my theory and if any women have tried this. Thanks! Amy

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    Ancestral wisdom - work up an appetite. In the morning, I don't eat until I am hungry. Then I have a little bit, maybe a few nuts. At dinner, I eat pretty much primal and marginally primal food as I want. I have lost lots of fat.
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      If I exercise within an hour of waking I seem to be hungrier earlier in the day. If I do not exercise yet am doing basic household and work tasks I am not hungry til sometimes 12:30 or 1. When I was almost over my illness I wouldn't get hungry til 2 or 3. I notice I can go five or six hours without food if my first meal (eaten anytime between 11:30-1) is at least four eggs with some meat or poultry and some veggies. By 6 I am usually craving lots of fat and a small amount of protein....