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  • Leangains Headache

    Okay So I am interested in beginning leangains to get really lean. I am pretty lean right now, but I want the six pack type lean

    I have been using Eat Stop Eat but I want to try Leangains. ONly problem is that the high carb days are impossible. ON paleo I have to work hard to get over 150 carbs without overloading on fructose and sodium. Also according to the calculator IF Calculator I have to eat 220 grams? Which is much more than I ever could imagine myself eating while being strictly clean. I have been comfortable eating around 80 grams of carbs for a while. So this is the calculation I have found since I am tinkering.

    I am trying to cut for another 2 weeks. Then Lean mass which has me eating over 3000 calories on top of what I burn in work out right? Plus in a feeding window? Nearly 300 grams of carbs.

    I am still skeptical on dairy and white potatoes so I avoid them. I go to college and all I have is the dining room so I have a few boundaries you could say. I know that if I find potatoes that it is going to be heavily salted or fried and I try to only go for the Sweet kind.

    Does anyone have a Primal Leangains formula? or a solution to this headache?

    EDIT: I realize my post is a bit confusing. So I will expound. Basically I am saying is that I used an IF Calculator to find out how much calories per day and macros should be and I did not like it. My primal low carb diet is easy for me and I prefer not to eat a ton of carbs on workout days. I am used to low carb.

    I want to know can I just eat more calories on workout days but maintain same High Fat, High protein low carb lifestyle in leangains? Would that work?

    Also when it says eat 3000 some calories on workout days, how can one accomplish that in a small window without getting sick?
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    I'm on my own hybrid plan of keto + IF + alternate day fasting + Leangains + warrior diet. I'm not sure of your exact question but it seems like you are wondering how to get in all your carbs? My simple answer (and I'm not expert, just going off what works for me) is DON'T. You don't need that many carbs. Get fat adapted and everything else will fall in line after that. I just worked out this morning after last eating on Sunday night (about a 40 hour fast) and it was one of the best of my life.


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      Buy yourself a sack of potatoes, or a big bag of rice. Easy carbs.
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        I've been using and recommending the leangains approach for over two years now. I think it's a great way to get and permanently maintain a single digit body fat percentage. I'd add that I love sweet potatoes and berries as a good sources of primal carbs.


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          Yup, white rice and potatoes (all varieties) are you friends for high carb days. I would also eat rice cereal on occasion.
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            You want to do the program, but you don't want to do the program?

            You're focusing too much on the "lean" part of "LeanGains". Those high levels of carbs and calories on workout days are necessary for building muscle in a reasonable timeframe. If you want to build muscle (yes, you do) then you need to eat more.


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              Yeah, the big sack-o-potatoes. I keep one in my desk. Pop a potato in the microwave, wrapped in a paper towel for 3-6 minutes depending on the size. Then hold your horses before you eat it because that sucker is hot! Can do the same with sweet potatoes.
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                Originally posted by Daemonized View Post
                I've been using and recommending the leangains approach for over two years now. I think it's a great way to get and permanently maintain a single digit body fat percentage. I'd add that I love sweet potatoes and berries as a good sources of primal carbs.
                Is it absolutely necessary to consume a lot of carbs on work days in this diet. How about in the 120-150 range? is that fine?


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                  my question is mainly do i have to eat as many carbs as this IF calculator seems to suggest? I prefer eating under 150 grams.


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                    I think that only you can determine your carbohydrate needs. The amount of carbs that you need really ties into the amount of glycogen that you desire to support your lifestyle and athletic needs. With a SAD and low activity level you'd find you glycogen supply maxed out most of the time and you'd convert carbs to sugar for storage quite well. If you're eating VLC you'll find that you'll be running out of glycogen and, "fat adapting" issues aside, you'll run low on energy. My carbs stay between the 100 to 150 level unless I feel the need for a re-feed. I'm also not a huge fan of going out of my way to eat a lot of fat. To me protein is most important, fat will come along with the protein, and carbs make up the rest.
                    In short my meal plan usually looks like meat, some veggies, and some kind of carb source (I mention my love for sweet potatoes frequently). It works for me and I'm able to gain muscle while remaining lean on a consistent basis.