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  • Ahhhh Ultra flu

    Hey fellow Grokers,

    I am being completely mauled by carb flu. Cant really think straight, feel sick when I eat, got body aches, headache, feel really tired and can't sleep/sleep is very light.

    Any suggestions for dealing with the symptoms?

    Also, as I want to actually gain some weight, I am finding it hard to get over 100g carbs every day, short of chowing down of sweet potato and wild rice. I eat a fair wack of fruit and veg every day but it just doesn't tip the scales (Probs average about 84g)

    What are your carb intake secrets?

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    What's wrong with chowing down on sweet potatos? If you don't like them, try other varieties....some more carb-y fruits include plantains, bananas, mango, pineapple, squash... If you include carbs with each meal it shouldn't be difficult to get your numbers up there so you aren't experiencing carb flu. But you should also make sure it's not something else you're in, the actual flu.
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      Tubers, fruit, and rice. I had a bought of the real flu earlier this week, and carby foods were the only ones I could keep down.
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