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    Hi everyone,

    I have to say that for me, being as primal as possible is fairly easy....from a nutrition standpoint.

    I live in the country with my family and we all enjoy the outdoors alot. The one thing that I have to say I do have trouble with is alcohol. While the consumption is not what is was back in my college days, the desire for an evening of pints (in Canada we drink 20 oz glasses of 5% beer) after a day of work in the yard.

    The beer drinking has ceased during the week (mostly), but with the nice weather upon us and the opportunity to be outside is growing exponentailly. Are there any "Contemporary Cave Dwellers" that can offer tips to get me through this summer without drinking too much beer? (or gin and soda for my wife). Do any of you have a beverage you like that are maybe a little more primal?

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    I have a beer if I really want one if Im out, but thats the key. Keep it to one. Have it as a treat and put it in your 20%. I see nuthin wrong with it. I usually stick to red wine when I want to drink. I have cut down from drinking 5x a week to 2x. Im not lettin good be the enemy of great.
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      I believe there was another posting or blog topic the other day (can't remember) about zero-carb alcohol concoctions. ie...Flavored vodka and club soda. Ummmm! Responsibly enjoyed of course.
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        Would something like proper cider (made from apples, not apple flavour HFCS) be less bad, in that at least you're avoiding the grains?
        Or is that just my wishful thinking?


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          Thanks for the replies,

          The long Easter weekend came and went, had a little to drink, but spent way more time soaking up the unseasonally beautiful weather.


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            I am doing Mojitos with stevia. They are awesome!


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              I like to keep bottles of Pelegrino (or any bubbly water) around when there's social drinking involved. For instance, at the New Years party I went to, I had 2 glasses of Champagne, and half a glass of red wine, but most of the night, I drank bubbly water, that way I had something in my hand like everybody else, but I didn't get drunk, and I didn't overdo it with the carbs (I also didn't get a hangover, yay!)