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  • IF question

    My body has recently settled into a pattern of IF on it's own....basically I'm no longer hungry in the morning, so I don't eat anymore until about 1pm, but I do have a bit of cream in my coffee in the morning. Is this still technically IF, or am I breaking the fast with the cream?

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    IF isn't a switch. You'll be fine as long as we are talking about a reasonable amount of cream (i.e. you aren't drinking 16 ounces of cream every morning).


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      the effects are negligible. don't worry about it.
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        ^ I agree. I don't consider my coffee with half and half a meal, since the calories are negligible.
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          ^agreed. I consume nothing but coffee/cream or bone broth in the morning until I'm truly hungry for a real meal...somewhere between 10am and 1pm.
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            You'll be fine as long as we are talking about a reasonable amount of cream


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              Technically you ARE breaking the fast, but as it's only fat, if you're in ketosis, you'll stay there. That's the good news.

              The bad news is that antioxidants (which you get from the coffee) can reduce or even stop the effects of autophagy which is one of the reasons to engage in fasting.

              Overall, I wouldn't worry about it, but you need to make your own choice.
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