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ketosis and breast feeding question

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  • ketosis and breast feeding question

    Do you think it is likely I will enter ketosis if I am still eating a good amount of fruit and starchy veggies? I am not looking to lose weight, I'm just looking to be as healthy as possible. Do you think ketosis would affect my milk supply? Thanks for feedback in advance.

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    You can still be extremely healthy while eating a "good" (not sure how much this is?) amount of fruits and starchy veggies as long as youre getting adequate protein and fat as well. I am not sure about ketosis affecting milk production but I know that overall calories and hydration are key to healthy milk supply. I know there is some question on ketosis releasing toxins stored in body fat into the breast milk. If you are not concerned with weight loss at the moment I would just not worry about restricting primal-friendly foods--including fruits and starchy veggies. Eat seasonally, local if possible, and organic. If you are craving fruit, it could be that you need more hydration, make sure you're drinking enough.


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      I was in ketosis for a period of time while breastfeeding my twin girls. I didn't notice that my supply went down drastically, unless I simply didn't eat enough calories for the day. It's when calories went down that I noticed a decrease in supply, although there was probably a small decrease in milk production when I stopped eating carbs. I will say that I really didn't feel well when I was breastfeeding and in ketosis. I think your body really needs carbs while breastfeeding, so my advice is to eat the primal friendly carbs that you want until you are done breastfeeding. That will keep your energy up and give your body the fuel it needs to make adequate milk.


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        oh yes i am eating plenty of primal friendly carbs! thank you guys