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  • Eat MOAR meat!

    Well, it's the last category to praise, isn't it? Meat is the one that works for me.

    Eating MOAR meat not only makes me want to ROAR from the energy, it actually builds muscle on me. That was the first thing I noticed about going primal, even before getting exercise, was that eating more meat was putting muscle on me.

    Eating MOAR meat makes me way less hungry. I have a complete inability to fight my hunger. Meat just takes it away.

    Eggs and greek yogurt and cheese and protein smoothies and other almost meats are NOT MEAT. When I say eat MOAR meat, I mean MEAT. There's nothing wrong with those things if you like them, nuts too, but it's not MEAT. If you are eating those things because they seem more dainty or less calorie dense or easier and more palatable, you are cheating yourself at least some of the time.

    - Steak. I don't care if it's CAFO, eat it. It is good for you. Get it leaner if it bothers you.
    - Chicken. Eat the whole damn chicken. Not just the breast. Eat the skin. There was a time when chicken was luxury meat, not starvation rations.
    - Lamb or mutton. God yesssss. Eat more LAMB.
    - Sausage. At the hoity-toity health food store they grind up all that unsold expensive lamb into sausage. Same goes for those $25 a pound steaks and pork loins. Mmmm. Sausage.
    - Pork. Oh yeah. The king of meats. Only the tiniest portion of pork fat is PUFA. The vast majority is monounsaturated, just like avocados. Eat your pork with relish. And I don't mean bacon, I mean PORK.
    - Fish. In a can you eat the bones. In a steak you can't eat the bones. Eat both though because a salmon steak is a beautiful platform on which to serve an elegant, simple meal. Eat fish EVERY DAY if possible!
    - Shellfish. Oysters and mussels are my favorite. Crustaceans much less so, but eat them and don't worry so much about where they come from. EAT THEM!

    If every meal I eat contains a big portion of meat and perhaps a small portion of potatoes, I feel great. Invincible. Cheerful. In control. I add veggies to add volume. I add potatoes to help fill me up even more. The hungrier I am, the bigger my salad or my pile of cauliflower or whatever.

    I bring a steak when I go hiking. The original protein bar.

    I've tried ketogenic, I've tried all potatoes, but what really works for me for the best health, the best body, the best mental health is MEAT. I always come back to it.

    MOAR Meat!
    Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.

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    This thread is relevant to my interests.


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      Yep mine too, I luv meat. I think the steak or meat and egg diet is the way to go for me.

      Just received our 1/4 beast and whole lamb both grass feed. I had the tenderest scotch fillet tonight with eggs, salad and a potatoe or two... Bloody tasted great.

      Oh and when we do hunting or armed tramping trips we always take vac packed steak for the first couple of nights.. Great trail food, if not some what heavy..
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        This thread has inspired me to put a bunch of pork in my face-hole. brb
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          I cut pork shoulder into strips the other night and wrapped it in bacon. I knew it was so rich that I wouldn't be able to eat a side, so that was supper. Does that pass the Eat MOAR meat! test?

          I don't eat much chicken skin because I don't have a source I trust for really free range (as opposed to govt defined free range) chickens and since animals store the worst crap in their fat and organs... I do buy organic chicken livers because I love liver.

          Total agreement on fish. I eat a lot of it, especially fatty wild salmon.
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            I'll be doing this next if potatoes fail me. And gosh, I sure miss my fatty meat.
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              in all seriousness, its the same for me. If I'm hungry, charred animal fleshes are where its at. (not really charred, mostly just warmed LOL.)


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                Oh, yeah, how could I forget liver. Liver is meat.

                Lots of vitamins in meat, too. During the time of scurvy, when explorers and militaries were dying by the scores, they tried preventing scurvy with vegetables. They tried preventing it with lime juice. They still died by the dozens. What worked was fresh meat. Getting off the boat and hunting. Pemmican also worked.

                Meat is the one thing you can eat indefinitely and stay healthy. It has all the amino acids and vitamins you need.

                Meat cures/cured my eating-disorder-style problems with food. As long as I have enough meat, I don't obsess, I don't eat more than I should, I don't get fat, I don't think oh my god I must have chocolate. None of that.

                Okay, time to tuck into some lamb sausage. I'm hungry.
                Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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                  Last night, my very late night dinner while watching Breaking Bad was about 6 - 8 oz of FLANK STEAK.


                  Good lord, I love steak. And pork. And yes, lamb too. Chicken is boring, but now when I buy it, it's bone-in, skin-on ONLY.

                  I'm with you, sb. Meat makes hunger go away in a snap. I'm ridiculously happy I'm not allergic to ANY meat.
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                    I love this thread as well! I think part of my failure with the moar fat was the cutting the meat back. I can even remember typing that I was going to cut back on the beef & pork. uggh

                    The tator was a nice little trick to jumpstart me again, a nice little hack for a few days, to make me snap out of it and to show me I can have carbs again. It has a place in my weight loss journey, along with the need to up my protein. Which wont be hard. It is the easist one for me to over do it so I had to try really hard to eat less of it. double uggh

                    So my new macros are focusing on protein, including starch, but keeping my fat in check. This is what makes me lose weight it seems. This is how I started my journey, I think this will help me to finish it. My favorite new breakfast has become eggs & salmon. I did the steak&eggs for a day the other day, and I can do that one easy peasy also. I was hungrier than with all tators, but it was still very easy and still produced some nice weight loss.

                    I have more energy now. I am exercising again. The scale is moving, the tape measure is moving. I am happy about it again but sad that I didnt snap out of it sooner but I wanted to give it a fair amount of time. Anyways, making progress now
                    65lbs gone and counting!!

                    Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey


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                      This is what I learned from PHD dude who is paleo/primal fan

                      Eat Protein and Carbs; Reduce Fat

                      This may surprise many readers, since we’re fat-friendly, but there should be no reduction in carb or protein consumption on weight loss diets. Calorie restriction should come out of fat.
                      The Perfect Health Diet “plateau range” for carbs and protein is 600 to 1200 calories. Eating less than 600 combined carb+protein calories per day raises the specter of either protein deficiency (leading to hunger) or glucose deficiency (leading to zero-carb dangers).
                      So if a typical daily intake is 400 carb calories and 300 protein calories, there’s really not much room to cut protein or carbs.
                      Remember that the body doesn’t have a significant store of carbs; the body’s total glycogen supply amounts to about a day’s needs. Nor does it have a store of protein, apart from skeletal muscle; and you don’t want to lose your muscle.
                      But it does have a large store of fat – those adipose cells that you want to shrink.
                      So to conserve muscle and reduce fat tissue, you have to eat your normal allotment of protein and carbs while restricting fat intake. As long as there is no serious dysfunction of adipose cells, they will release fat as needed to meet the body’s fat needs. And that’s what you want – fat being moved out of adipose cells to be burned.
                      So your calorie-restricted weight loss diet will be just as nourishing as your regular diet. Only the source of the nourishing fats – adipose cells instead of food – will be different.
                      I also took these notes:
                      eat 3 eggs per day
                      ¼ beef or lamb liver per week
                      1lb salmon per week
                      beef & lamb good choices
                      1lb safe starches per day

                      This is for weight loss and it seems to work for me.
                      65lbs gone and counting!!

                      Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey


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                        This will be the least contested thread ever! Love it!


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                          “If I didn't define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people's fantasies for me and eaten alive.” --Audre Lorde

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                            I no longer calorie restrict, either. In fact, I lost all the weight I did without calorie restriction and any time I did try any calorie restriction I never lost any weight. So I simply refuse. I eat as much as my hungry belly wants. I feed it meat, both fat and lean. However it comes is how I eat it. I have days when I want the lean. I have days when I want the fat. I just go with it. I've never felt better. The potato thread was really helpful for me as it seems that white potatoes really agree with me immensely. Since adding them in, I am less hungry and leaner. But only potatoes and nothing else is not something I'm interested in because my hard-won excellent health and vitality is too precious to squander on a lengthy hack.
                            Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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                              with you here. i prefer beef to lamb. i prefer wild pork to farmed pork. love game meats the best. yes to eating seafood every day too but not out of cans as i can get it fresh. i would say branch out and try things you dont normally eat. different types of offal, different seafood, fish roe etc. the kids like chicken lots and they prefer lamb to beef. i eat everything except chicken and pork medium rare or even rare. i love all the sun dried meats, carpaccio, even just straight raw steak.

                              i definitely find eating the whole animal is what works for me so i dont just live off fillet steak. i would also rather eat roadkill than go back to being a vegetarian.