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  • beef and pork

    What parts/cuts of beef and pork do you like best?

    I will soon have access to fresh meat at a local butcher, am wondering what to ask for.

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    For beef, I LOVE porterhouse steaks, delmonico steaks and rib steaks. Anything with a bone in it. (Much better flavor.) Shanks & short ribs too.

    For pork, besides bacon, I like side pork (uncured bacon), ham steaks and chops. Smoked hocks are phenomenal. Essentially all parts of the pig. I'll eat everything from the snout to the tail. Jowls are amazing.


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      I like pork shoulder - good for pulled pork and kebabs.


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        Ribeye is my favorite, but sirloin gives me the most bang for my buck, so i normally buy several sirloins, and keep the rib-eyes for special occasion. I'll also grab a chuck steak or other cut as they go on sale. great for stews and other recipes depending on the cut.


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          Ribeye by far the best steak w/ succulent, juicy, tasty fat! Just ate one last night. T-bones are a close 2nd. Sirloins for the cheap, down and dirty cut.

          Pork chops, pork steaks, pork ribs and of course bacon.


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            For pork, go ground, pork chops, bacon (or make your own with pork belly), shoulder roasts...

            Beef - chuck roast (great as a pot roast), ribeye, of course ground.

            Lamb - shoulder chops, rib rack, hip roast, and what's that? Ground again...!

            Bison - just like a cow but bigger and leaner, so go for a lot of the same cuts.

            And yes, I totally think that ground meats (if they are good quality at least), are so versatile that you can't go wrong stocking up on them as they are the cheapest per pound for obvious reasons. Use the ground meats in millions of different ways!

            Not long ago I made a primal meatloaf with a combination of ground beef, ground pork, ground lamb, AND ground bison. To rave reviews.
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              I am loving me a huge piece of rump...... steak !!!! LOL
              and crackling is heaven on earth !!!!
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              ...small steps....


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                I like short ribs on beef. Delicious, delicious fat. If I've got money to spare, I'd pick up a good quality ribeye steak, though. If I'm going to stir fry something, then I'll get some flank steak. My favorite cuts are many, it just depends on how I'm planning to cook it.
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                  Try them all. First thing you do is look up (or ask the butcher) whether the cut should be slow cooked or pan cooked or whatever. Then you'll know if you should roast it, put it in a crock pot, fry it in a pan or put it on the barbecue. Knowing how it should be cooked makes it easier to decide because cooking method and time tends to be a bigger limiting factor in whether you're going to actually be able to eat it. For instance, I'm not going to barbecue or make a roast that takes 4 hours after work.
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                    NY Strip
                    Sirloin, Flank

                    Any type of roast

                    Ground: I love my homemade grass-fed beef patties


                    Oh man, where to start?!

                    Pork chops with the bone in
                    Pork butt roast (shoulder)

                    OHHHHHH. Man. This is what my Polish mama used to do:

                    Cut off the fat from a piece of pork. Cut it into small cubes.

                    FRY THAT SHIT UP until dark, golden brown.

                    EAT IT!

                    OMG INCOMING FOODGASM!
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