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On Being Tired after eating?

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  • On Being Tired after eating?

    I ate a grass fed, organic steak (Yum) with some mushrooms (sauteed in butter (grassfed, of course)
    and then became really, really sleepy.
    Any one have thoughts? I thought that the lack of carbs was supposed to make that tiredness go away. No insulin rush?
    Am I doing something wrong?

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    This is why I eat my meal in the evening. And the lack of carbs can help, sure, but you've still got to digest that food and your body needs energy to do so. Just the act of digestion can make you pretty tired sometimes.
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      I discovered that despite loving mushrooms I have a sensitivity to them. They make me tired so I avoid them. I had eaten them my entire life but had to stop.


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        Not sure what the size of the steak was, but when a fairly large amount of protein is being consumed in one sitting a lot of energy is used to digest it. Most likely the reason to feel tired. It's been known to happen to me too sometimes. I like my steak that much


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          I have the same problem. For most of my life, even as a child, I ate one meal a day. I'm still alive and quite healthy.
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