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  • Veggie-free Primal?!

    Hello! I started my Primal Transition about a week ago and it is going really well! My husband is interested in the change as well except, we have one little problem. He does not like veggies. Well that is not entirely true, he will eat lettuce and spinach and that is it. He will eat tomato sauce if there are no chunks in it. So, does anyone have any suggestions on how we could go about this? Any advice or experiences with similar situations would be greatly appreciated!!

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    this may not help, but try buying a julienne peeler (theyre about 9 bucks for a nice set of three nifty magnetic ones, including a ribbon peeler, at Target) and using it to shred up some zucchini and yellow squash. Saute these in (whatever fat you like, I like coconut oil or olive, or even kerrygold butter if you are including some dairy)...I eat them cooked like this, Ive been known to destroy numerous squash this way... dont forget the salt and pepper and garlic too. if you make a really good meat/tomato sauce to top this he MIGHT not hate it? My son is the odd eater in the house so I have to get creative for him too. Good luck!!!!!


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      Here's the in-your-face-you're-acting-like-a-child answer: How long has it been since you tried eggplant or kohlrabi? I'm going to cook a small portion of one type of vegetable every night (or couple nights) and we're going to find out what you like as an adult. It'll be fun!

      I know nothing about him, but when people claim they "don't like veggies" I usually find out that they have never really tried anything except the normal carrot/broccoli/peas type veggies steamed. Ugh. I don't like those either! Also, a lot of times this is a holdover from being forced to eat x veggies as a child - tastes change.

      Cover the early veggie side dishes with sauces - curries, cheese if you're doing dairy, enchilada, chili, tomato, gravy, etc. Gradually work into veggie dishes that aren't necessarily covered with sauce (but are covered with butter or coconut oil!)


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        Well. You can get tomatoes in him at least. I make a chunkless salsa that is blended with onions, garlic, and jalapeņos to put on my eggs. Maybe kale chips? Otherwise I suggest a lot of spinach salads


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          He's probably not actually interested, just saying what he is "supposed" to say.

          If he is interested and wants to try things, try kale saute'd in bacon grease and served with bacon. You almost can't go wrong with it.

          If it's a texture problem but he really does want to try, then look into a couple options: 1. Something like a paleo version of Deceptively Delicious or 2. GAPS diet. It was developed for super picky autistic children that like to live on bread and cheese. After about 4 days, he WILL eat. Promise. Since he is an adult, it has to be his decision.


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            I eat them cooked like this, Ive been known to destroy numerous squash this way


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              Spinach is one of the most nutrient dense vegetables.

              So where's the problem?


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                Originally posted by tori View Post
                He will eat tomato sauce if there are no chunks in it. So, does anyone have any suggestions on how we could go about this?
                Is he 4?

                Take away the X-Box?


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                  If he wants to go primal, he's gonna have to eat veggies. It's part of the deal, and it's that simple. The above suggestions seem pretty good to me.


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                    Tell him if he wants to skip the veggies he's going to have to eat liver, heart, intestines to get his vitamins and minerals. That might change his mind.
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                      While I agree that his attitude is a bit childish, you clearly can't tell him to grow up - that would be counterproductive. He needs to be eased in it.

                      Serve pureed vegetables and keep him out of the kitchen when you cook. Make shepherd's pie with mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes (or combine the two). My husband eats a sufficient quantity of raw vegetables but balks at cooked ones. When I last made shepherd's pie, I used cauliflower only, with a sprinkle of turmeric to make the color more potato-like. I also added a generous dose of grated cheese in the mixture. He thoroughly enjoyed it and was very surprised when our guest commented that the cauliflower was awesome.

                      Last week I made this awesome meal. I used the orange Hokkaido squash. Squashes and pumpkins are very high on my husband's ignore list. Or so he says. While he didn't rave about the recipe (unlike me), he ate the whole portion without any protests, and we had the leftovers on the subsequent day. I need to make this a couple of times before I break the news to him. I also plan to use squash as a thickener for other meals because I loved the texture.

                      Meatballs are a great way to hide some veggies (e.g. finely chopped leek), too.

                      Good luck!


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                        Another recipe that usually works well with picky eaters: finely shredded red beets, carrots and apples (about the same quantity of each), seasoned with lime juice and (optionally) with grated ginger. In case the carrots are on the bitter side, I add a teaspoon of honey, but most of the time it is not necessary.


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                          Thanks for all of the great suggestions!!


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                            Adults who won't eat their veggies worry me.

                            Vegetable, meat fat.

                            Roast. Fry. Sautee.

                            OM NOM NOM.

                            Where's the problem?!!?
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