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Affordable Grass Fed Jerky?

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  • Affordable Grass Fed Jerky?

    Does such a thing exist? I know affordable is subjective, but I would appreciate some suggestions if anyone has any. Thanks.

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    The cheapest route is going to be making your own.

    Making your own is also the best route because you get to control the indgredients. I mainly make venison jerky.
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      Thanks, but looking to buy for convenience reasons. Anyone?


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        Buy some grass-fed beef heart and make it yourself. Can't beat the price and quality.


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          If you input "jerky" at Amazon, you get 3200+ hits. You can refine it from there.
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            I bought some from US Wellness Meats. It seems fairly normally priced for jerky, and is from grass-fed cows.


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              There is a local vendor around my area that makes grass-fed beef and lamb jerky, and pasture-raised pork jerky. Problem is, they still use a fair amount of non-primal stuff in it. For example, the number one ingredient listed, after the meat was "evaporated sugar cane juice." I gave it a big pass as a result.

              Grass-fed aside, I just don't see the point. If the meat is the good stuff, but the rest of it is still crap, are you REALLY that much better off? Just get a dehydrator and make your own if you must. It's not that hard.
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                BEST tasting!

                Originally posted by neophyte View Post
                Does such a thing exist? I know affordable is subjective, but I would appreciate some suggestions if anyone has any. Thanks.
                Love this company and their grassfed jerky. Gourmet Grass Fed Jerky & Meats (I am not getting paid to recommend this product. I just LOVE it!


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                  Perhaps a little pricier than what you're looking for (taking shipping into account), but I trust the ingredients: Steve's Original Grass-Fed Just Jerky

                  I also just tried their Grass-Fed PaleoStix (w/spinach), and they are excellent.