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One ounce of dark chocolate a daily? And is it ok to bake with Whey?

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  • One ounce of dark chocolate a daily? And is it ok to bake with Whey?

    If it isnt pushing out other nutrient rish foods from my daily intake is an ounce a day too much? Just looking to maintain my weight atm. I buy lindt 85% dark. 4 squares a day or should i cut back to maybe 1 or 2 squares?

    also is it ok to bake with whey protein powder? I attempt protein fluff earlier and IT DID NOT WORK. so instead of chucking the failure i threw in an egg and baking soda and popped it in the oven. What i have now is a weird cornbread like loaf thing.

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    If you enjoy eating 4 squares and it isn't causing negative effects then continue to enjoy those 4 squares. Hell, I'd eat a whole bar of Green & Blacks organic 85% a day if I felt like it, but a couple bites is always my stopping point. Now, give me the Lindt dark with sea salt in it and I'll eat the whole damn thing within half an hour. Something about the combo of dark chocolate and sea salt is insanely addictive.
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      I tend to avoid dark chocolate, but I am trying to lose and it seems to stall me out. I had a period of two weeks where I was eating two squares of 85% per day and stalled my weight loss dramatically enough to make me reevaluate.

      With that said, if you are not trying to lose weight, go ahead and eat it.
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        Anyone know anything about the affects of cooking with whey?


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          Originally posted by Jamie Madrox View Post
          Anyone know anything about the affects of cooking with whey?
          not recommended, excessive heat will denature the whey protein.


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            Originally posted by sandokan2112 View Post
            not recommended, excessive heat will denature the whey protein.
            I never understood this point. Denaturation only refers to using heat (for example) to disrupt the tertiary and quaternary structure of proteins, not the primary structure. Which as far as I can gather, makes no difference. And there is another issue, in that within molecular biology there is a hypothesis that the primary structure of a protein in and of itself, determines the proteins tertiary and quaternary structure anyway, so once the heat is removed, the proteins re-nature. This suggests that once the heat is removed, the proteins reassemble to pre-heat structures.


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              I don't think protein denaturing will be a problem, I'll skip the science, since ^ has explained sone of it, but meat is protein, and it gets cooked, too, often at high heat for a nice sear on steak or fish. Do you worry about protein denaturation there? It's a resilient molecule.

              I have heard of people using whey to make protein pancakes and such, so I think it's fine to use in baking and cooking.
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                I eat a bar of 90% Lindt pretty regularly, and still have nice abs. Don't go too crazy, I guess.

                Also, today I ate the chocolate with almond butter squeezed onto it. Oh, man. Oh. Man.


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                  Way back years ago, I liked to make pancakes using my whey powder (I forget which brand I was using). But I had read that the whey should not be 'cooked.' I e-mailed the company, and was told that was true. It was best just for smoothies, and they did not recommend it at all for cooking.

                  I've since seen dozens of recipes on low-carb sites using whey powder for pancakes, muffins, etc., but I don't use whey in any cooking at all.