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Bloodwork at 6 months

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  • Bloodwork at 6 months


    I thought I would share my blood work results after 6 months on PB (targets in parentheses):

    September 2009 (Taken just before I started with PB)

    HDL (>60): 67
    LDL (<100): 68
    Trig (<150): 120
    Total (<200): 159
    Total/HDL (Ideal is <5): 2.4
    Trig/HDL (Ideal is <2): 1.8
    LDL/HDL (Ideal is <4.3): 1.0

    March 2010

    HDL (>60): 92
    LDL (<100): 88
    Trig (<150): 89
    Total (<200): 198
    Total/HDL (Ideal is <5): 2.2
    Trig/HDL (Ideal is <2): 1.0
    LDL/HDL (Ideal is <4.3): 1.0
    Vitamin D (50–80 ng/mL): 55
    Cardio CRP (<3.0): 3.1 (This one is just into the higher risk category so I need to retest to confirm.)

    Oh yeah, and down 40 pounds! Very pleased with these numbers overall.
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    One quick addendum, I had the Doc mail me my labs and on it was my HGBA1C test results: 5.6. I had never had this test before so I have no reference point. The Doc said this was fine, no diabetes. My research shows this is at the bottom of the "impaired", "borderline" or "pre-diabetic" range. Any insights into this would be appreciated.



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      Great results! Since you have nothing to compare it to it's hard to tell if it was an improvement or not... If you went and got a blood glucose meter you could test yourself over a few days just to make sure everything is functioning properly.

      Also just ask yourself how you feel, as long as you don't get tired after meals, experience blood sugar drops, ect... you should be fine.
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