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    Has anyone ever heard of this Paleo Pasta that is sold? They have 4 flavors , original spainach tomato and chipotle spice .. one of the ingredients is quinoa flour.. here is the website.. can anyone tell me if this is ok to eat ??

    Here is the link

    Paleo Pasta - Gluten Free Pasta!

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    I imagine more and more of these products will emerge as the term 'paleo' becomes marketable. Whether it has quinoa or not, it has so many ingredients and I can't imagine the processing of this stuff. That goes against the whole premise of eating whole, natural foods - not frankenfoods. Have a spaghetti squash or zuchinni noodles if you want to play pretend, or if not just treat yourself to some gourmet egg pasta - it won't kill you!

    I love the explanation though:
    We know that the presence of quinoa and xantham gum might raise some Paleo eyebrows, but hey: it’s a tiny bit of quinoa, less than 10%, and since it’s a finely milled flour, there’s a much, much lower concentration of the saponins that can be a cause of concern with quinoa.
    But hey: it's only a little bit of herpes, don't be mad!

    And this: check out our nutritional info below. Look at all those vitamins! Those are some sexy vitamins. And fiber! Way more than any other pasta we’ve seen. This is some nutritious, slow-burning pasta, my friends.
    Fibre? Slow burning? What?
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      There's no such thing as paleo pasta. There's gluten-free pasta with processed vegetables that shouldn't be f---ed with in the first place added. I am by no means strict primal or paleo. I just hate slapping a label in something manufactured to make it look healthy. If you want some pasta and are on low carb or gluten-free, go ahead, but don't fool yourself into thinking it is a healthy food that would provide the same nutrients as its raw ingredients.

      Edit: after reading the ad line for this priduct, I feel the primal urge to punch the copywriter in the face.
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        I would avoid it, but I can say that zucchini noodles are a great alternative! Just use a julienne peeler and then steam them for 4 or 5 minutes.


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          spaghetti squash anyone?


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            Sometimes I wonder if posts like this one are spam. Being their very first one on this site inquiring about a specific product, linking site and all. Just saying..
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              I dunno, but I wish someone would "invent" a paleo pasta. One thing I miss is a big steaming pile of meaty spaghetti sauce over a bed of noodles. And yes I've tried spagh. squash...yuck. <sigh>


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                I don't like squash as much either (although covered in a meat sauce makes it fine for me). I enjoy kelp noodles on the occasion that I get a pasta craving. What's the general opinion on these: Kelp noodles ?


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                  Originally posted by Chaoscat View Post
                  I don't like squash as much either (although covered in a meat sauce makes it fine for me). I enjoy kelp noodles on the occasion that I get a pasta craving. What's the general opinion on these: Kelp noodles ?
                  I love them... They can be eaten raw, but if you cook the crunch out of them they're very much like spaghetti.


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                    JMO, but first an foremost, I see the op as a spam poster. First post, and no effort to post again (as I post this anyway).

                    I may change my mind about this (I reserve the right), but for the most part, for me, Primal eating is about changing my view of food to see whole food as nourishment and processed food as garbage. I don't really want substitutes for bread, cookies, or pasta. I want to learn to enjoy eating a new way. "Primal pasta" to me is analogous to "vegan cheese."

                    I can pretty much eat any sauce I used to put on pasta either straight out of a bowl or over veggies.

                    I think we're going to start seeing more and more of this type of product come down the pike. And just like the vegan mayo I used to use, it won't be any healthier for you than SAD processed foods.
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                      I agree with JoanieL Primal is about changing how we see what food is, not trying to find substitutes for SAD crap.

                      The Paleo Pasta the whole add looks like a re-write of SAD advertising....oh look at all that fibre...look at all those vitamins...give me a steak with to servings of veg any day.
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                      Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
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                        I've been almost vegetarian for all my life. I've been primal for almost a year. And just since recently i've started preferring meat over pasta. It can take a while
                        well then


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                          I'd rather sub veggies or just eat rice noodles. I agree, marketing spammer.
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                            I don't like spaghetti squash as a noodle replacement. (I like it okay when it is a side-dish in its own right, but not trying to use it for a "noodle".)

                            I like zucchini and yellow squash as "noodles".


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                              Just get some rice noodles, tinkyada is the best brand
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