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Any thoughts on almond cheese

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    Well thanks all for the input and as advised unless I feel like making it myself I will stay away. One question though. Why all the hate for almond butter and almond flour? They are mentioned in so many recipes but it seems as though a few of you are not fans.


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      I think it's about the fail of some of the nut butters and flours. Sometimes when people first start Primal for weight loss reasons, they eat a bit too much of the foods that should be eaten in moderation. Then they think that Primal failed them, when in fact their interpretation of the 80/20 thing or even their interpretation of the various pyramids failed them.

      Also, technically, they are both processed foods. Nut butters are better than peanut (not a nut) butter, but they are not better than eating whole nuts. It's way too easy to stick a spoon in the jar and wake up with an empty jar and nut breath. (That sounded worse than I meant it to.) Non-wheat flour is better than wheat flour, but it is still processed, and calorie for calorie will never be as good a food as animals, plants, and bugs in as natural a state as possible.
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