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Bone Broth and The Joy of Marrow

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  • Bone Broth and The Joy of Marrow

    I have been making bone broth in the crock pot from grass fed beef bones and thanks to you all I have discovered the awesomeness that is marrow

    I have found that the beef bones after a couple days simmering in the crock become quite soft and edible. I know some people eat chicken bones, but what about beef bones? Is it safe? Is there any nutritional value or has it all been cooked out?

    I tend to trust the signals from my body and I like eating the bones so does that mean there is something to it or have I lost my primal mind?


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    Hi Greg

    The fact that you're asking the question implies that you haven't lost your mind.

    Lots of other animals eat bone - dogs, lions, and humans.

    When you buy canned salmon, it often comes with bones and they're small enough you can eat them without a problem...


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      I buy foreshank (shoulder) lamb cuts and pork ribs and when I've finished eating the meat and fat I generally gnaw on the bones (though they generally need to be pretty well cooked in order to eat them that way) - I crunch the bones between my teeth in order to get to the marrow and if the bone is brittle enough I'll chew and eat it, otherwise I'll fish it out.


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        I always eat the bones as much as I can.
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          I havent made beef broth yet, but I do grind my chicken bones in my broth so I would grind my beef also when I get around to it. Seems like such a waste to strain all the bones and veggies off. I didnt really know if it had benefits or not, or if I should be doing that or not, but I like how nice and thick it is. Makes me feel like I am eating something more substantial like soup, rather than just drinking a cup of broth. DH, OTOH, hates the texture of the ground up bone broth. He won't hardly touch it.
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