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    Hi Everyone, I'm about 16 weeks pregnant. So far, I've been really sick so I've been eating what I could which was largely bread, crackers, some cheese, fruit, pasta, etc. I'm beginning to feel better (and also just realizing that I feel like crap either way so might as well feel like crap and eat better). So, here's my question:

    If I switch back to primal eating now, will my withdrawal symptoms be problematic for the pregnancy (beyond just not feeling well)? Also, will switching to primal slow my weight gain? I've gained 8 lbs so far.


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    Sorry I don't have any advice. But congratulations on the baby!


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      Be sure to keep your carbs up (potatoes, fruit, carrots, etc) and you should be fine. Also be sure you're getting enough water and salt.

      Good luck!


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        You & baby will be fine. This is pretty normal for many primal mamas-to-be.

        Transition slowly so that there is less stress for you.

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          I followed a mostly primal diet while pg with my second and saw a huge decrease in nausea. Most more natural minded OB practitioners will tell you to increase protein intake to decrease symptoms. The crackers and toast only fuel the fire.

          As for weight gain, only time will tell. I ate like crap with my first pregnancy, followed the whole "eating for 2" philosophy to an excess, and gained 55 lbs. with second pregnancy, I followed mostly primal and only gained 27 lbs that were lost within 3 weeks postpartum. This is my story, yours and all others will vary, but everything about second pregnancy was better for me and I believe my diet was a huge contributor. Also, healing after a very traumatic birth with the second was much easier, I never had anemia, etc.


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            Congrats! I am 22 weeks. I ate pretty much primal before my pregnancy, then the nausea hit in the first trimester. I ate pretty much anything that sounded good. This did NOT include meat or veggies really. So, there was fruit, yogurt, and bread. Toward the end of the trimester I began to feel better and realized I was probably making myself feel worse by eating that crap. Also, I gained 8 lbs. my first trimester! I jumped right back in to mostly primal (I include full-fat dairy) and I feel fantastic! No ill-effects were noted. I have to say, I probably eat more fruit than most primal followers, I crave the stuff non-stop right now. Also, I enjoy winter squash and usually eat it every day. My weight-gain has slowd to a comfortable .5 lbs./week. I would not worry at all about getting back into primal- it will probably make you feel BETTER!


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              Wait for the morning sickness to pass. I would not have been able to eat primal my three pregnancies the first trimester. At that point meat tasted like dog crap smells. I mostly ate cheese and potatoes, along with fruits and vegetables. The key thing for me was eating before I was hungry. And, staying hydrated.

              After the first trimester you should be able to go back to eating a more normal diet once your body adjusts. Don't go overboard on the trying to keep from gaining weight, but don't worry if you gain some.